Monday, October 8, 2018

Week Three: The Ceiling Came Down

After two weeks of resting my foot, I was still going to the gym four days a week. I would wear the walking boot and not do anything that put pressure on my right foot. After each visit though, my foot was aching so much that I couldn't wait to get home and tear the boot off. I tried giving up seated leg exercises, but I was still in pain. I wasn't sure if the boot was causing the pain, or having any weight on my foot was doing it. 

I didn't want to waste any of these 6 weeks trying to figure it out, so I decided to take a break from the gym and completely rest my foot. I am doing floor leg exercises and my dumbells at home, but that's it.  

But there is still the weight issue. More Googling and it looks like the people that primarily go to the podiatrist for Posterior Tibial Tendonitis are runners and overweight middle-aged women. Guess what category I fall into? After two weeks of eliminating sweets, treats, fast food, and soda, there has been no weight loss.

I firmly decided at the beginning of this week that I had enough and was going to lose this weight. What is the point of resting my foot, only to re-injure it as soon as all this weight is applied back onto it? I wondered why the podiatrist didn't suggest losing weight to avoid surgery, since it is listed as one of the contributing causes. By Wednesday I dropped 3 1/2 pounds just by letting go of a small amount of what I had been consuming. I felt a bit light-headed, but I have experienced that before when starting a diet. I figured I'm going through a bit of a detox and my body is reacting to less calories.

I didn't feel cravings for anything bad to eat. The cravings are usually my downfall.  I felt different, not obsessed with losing weight, but comfortably leaning into it. I also haven't been thinking about food incessantly like I used to. I have been able to go hours without wanting something to eat. I know this may sound ridiculous to most, but it really was a problem for me. I thought back to my Reiki, chakra balancing, and reflexology massage at the Integrative Healing Institute, and wondered how it impacted how I was feeling. Kim Krost did do some lymphatic draining on my right leg, which can cause weight loss. Could this have had such an impact on my body?

I had a day where I considered not wearing the boot anymore. It seemed to be causing me pain when I wore it for just a few minutes. I tried just using my sneakers with the orthotics and my foot was not in pain. It felt a bit weak, but I would make sure I was thoughtful in my steps, walking the way Gary Ramsey taught me, from my heel to the outside of my foot, to the ball of my foot, instead of the usual walking on the inside of my arch. After a day I had regret that maybe I would hurt it, since overall my foot was definitely feeling better. So I'm wearing the boot when I'm walking, and I take it off whenever I sit down or use my knee scooter. I also cancelled my 3 week podiatry check up. I'm deciding whether to give this doctor another try in 6 weeks, or find someone else. 

So now about the ceiling. We had a leak in the roof almost two years ago. It ended up leaking right into the ceiling in my office. We had the roof patched back then, and things seemed fine. We had some rain this past week and the leak came back even more furiously. The textured ceiling came down right onto my chair. Do I think this was just a coincidence in all of this foot drama? Of course not, I see meaning in everything. I know that leaks and plumbing issues are a symbol for something internal, just about every issue you can have in your home is really about yourself. Most everything that occurs is really just life holding up a mirror to yourself, to show you something you need to see. I now see a parallel between the roof leaking two years ago and the naming of my car Jophiel, along with the subsequent craving for yellow (both about my third chakra issues). I wish I would have seen all of this sooner. So, what does a leaking roof mean? Here's a few I found:

  • Water represents the flow of our emotions, so a leaky roof could mean feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
  • In Feng Shui it can indicate health issues, specifically blood flow in the body.
  • A leaky roof can also mean that any negativity in the home is releasing.
  • Water is also associated with our career or journey. It can mean career or life path could be unchecked, all over the place, or there's lack of direction or focus. 
For me, I know had been feeling exhausted emotionally and physically. Since this was happening in the room that I work in, I also believe it has to do with my career path. Overall I see that my third chakras issues were showing me that I needed to take care of myself before everything (the ceiling) caved in. I need to contemplate this more, so I will of course meditate, meditate, and meditate some more. 

I'm still using the massager twice a day, taking epsom salt baths, meditating, and grounding myself while using my chakra stones as Kim taught me. I still need to use the sage sticks to clear my aura too, I'll incorporate them next week. I'm relaxing, writing daily in my gratitude journal, reading, and working on my businesses instead of worrying, doing too much, and stressing. It all feels good.

By Sunday to start my fourth week, I'm down 5 1/2 pounds.I know this is quite a bit in a week, but it is my first week. I'm also not really dieting, not counting calories, I'm listening to my body for the first time in, well, forever. It is easier this way, I'm not feeling deprived, I'm feeling in balance.

Until next week...

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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