Monday, June 27, 2016

Book Review: Life Is Just Another Class by Karen Ann Kubicko

It is with rare occasion that I step outside the realms of Hayhouse to read a metaphysical or spiritually-based book. But after learning about this incredible book, I had to get my hands on it! Life Is Just Another Class - One Soul's Journey Through Past Life Regression by Karen Ann Kubicko is a must read for anyone interested in past life regression or just wanting to read a fascinating book! This is a unique view of past lives from the perspective of one individual through over ten years of regressions. She has experienced over 50 past lives and shares 16 of them in this intriguing book. 

Karen Kubicko began her journey with past-life regression through self-hypnosis, experienced an incredible regression with Dr. Brian Weiss, and had the help of her best friend Jaime Bushman to guide her through many, many regressions. 

Karen takes us through the main lesson for each of the 16 lives she shares with us, the most significant parts of each life, her death, going to the light, the afterlife, and who she chose to come back as next. It is a truly amazing perspective on who we really are, and why we are here. 

Karen leads us through her lives including living in Atlantis, Mesopotamia, Greece, Europe, and the U.S. She had loving and beautiful relationships, yet also experienced the trauma of drowning, suicide, hanging, entrapment, and more. The journey into her past lives helped heal her physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And I found it pretty healing for the reader too! She recognized her children and family members in many of her past lives. Such a comforting thought that soul families do exist, and we travel from lifetime to lifetime helping each other grow.

The more I read about Karen's lives, the more I wanted to read. What I love about this book is she shares the good, the bad and the ugly. She didn't pick out the lives that "looked" the best, she shared the ones that had the most impact on her. Some of these lives included her (or him!) not being the kindest of characters. I love her honesty and openness. It opens a doorway of understanding in forgiving others. It also allows us to forgive ourselves for our mistakes, and to understand that inside this role we play, we are beautiful souls, just learning and growing. 

Clearly, I highly recommend this book. Karen Kubicko is a gifted author, intuitive, and a beautiful soul. I can't wait to see what Karen writes next, and I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up published by Hay House!

To check out Karen's book, click here: Life Is Just Another Class
To reach Karen visit her at:

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"I'm Like Rainbow Love" - Meeting My Spirit Guide Alicia Through Karen Kubicko

If you enjoyed my last blog about my reading with Karen Kubicko, and the introduction to my spirit guide Mr. Martin, then get ready for more!

As my reading with Karen Kubicko, (author of Life Is Just Another Class) continued, she talked about a pretty spirit guide who has been with me for hundreds of lifetimes. But before elaborating further, she turned the discussion towards my past lives. She saw my past lives to the left of me (5 angels behind me and 15 spirit guides to the right) and mind you, she is seeing all of this on the phone 1,700 miles away from me. She told me I was a writer for a living in five past lifetimes. It was nice to hear because I have enjoyed writing (and reading!) since I was young. I was always writing poems, stories and comics growing up. I had considered going to college for writing, but chose advertising design instead. Karen told me I was even a writer back in Alexandria, Egypt (3rd century BC). She told me I had written books that were in the Royal Library of Alexandria that was later destroyed by several fires, including those set by Caesar's army in 48 BC and an attack from Aurelian in 270 AD. This library and its contents became a symbol for loss of cultural knowledge.

(That's me climbing the ladder in the back right. Sorry, just a little past life humor...)

Karen said I was also a healer in 12 different lifetimes and can acquire those skills in this lifetime as well. She told me that I was killed for being a healer in 8 of those lifetimes. The people at the time thought it was witchcraft. A child had died and they thought it was my fault. 

She asked if I wanted to know how I died. Of course I did! I didn't feel afraid, it was in the past and I am safe now. So I hope you don't mind if I share this with you too. Or you can always skip this paragraph. Okay, here we go! In one lifetime my head was cut off. I was called to heal someone in the family of a king-type person. I wasn't able to heal the child, so it was off with my head in the guillotine. Ick. I also ran through a sword in another lifetime. That one sounds pretty painful too. And in another lifetime I was barricaded in my home, and it was burned to the ground. It was pretty rough back then.

Karen told me to offer forgiveness to those who killed me, because they didn't understand that the person chose how they wanted to pass. It was not my fault. She told me to do this eight times for each lifetime that my life ended this way. This is a way to cut the cords tying me to those lifetimes, and to set myself free from anything connecting me to them. It's healing. I recently did this and let it all go.

As I'm writing this on my living room couch (I write everything on paper before I type it up, as I feel more connected that way.), my husband is heading outside with a large saw to cut some overgrown limbs (cue the guillotine flashback). He stops to grab the phone because an appraiser is coming by today to look at our roof. We have a leak from all of the Texas rain we've been getting. As he hands me the phone to keep beside me, he says "Martin." (Remember my spirit guide Mr. Martin from my last blog? If you haven't read it yet, take a look, it's a good one!) In shock, I said "Martin?" He said "Yes, Molly Martin," and grabbed the notecard he wrote with her name and number, and handed it to me too. Yes, our insurance appraiser's last name is Martin. 

I am quite a believer in synchronicities, and I even write them down in my gratitude journal. Since my reading with Karen, there have been so many similar events. And being that I've completely sidetracked this blog, I'll share another Mr. Martin story. I was in my car last week to pick up lunch, and I was praying as I usually do in the car. It's just one of those places that have become a quiet, sacred space for me. I feel mindful and close to God, Jesus, the angels and archangels...the whole spiritual gang. I started talking to Mr. Martin. I just had a feeling that he didn't want me to call him Mr. Martin any longer. I said "What would you like me to call you now?" The first thing that came into my head was "Poppy." I have been trusting my intuition more and more through reading books like Sonia Choquette's Trust Your Vibes and online course like Doreen's Virtue's Clairvoyance Therapy class. So I said to him "If Poppy is what you want me to call you, can you please show me a dragonfly today and make sure I can see it, as my eyes aren't so great anymore."

I picked up lunch and started driving home. I noticed the traffic on the highway, and decided to stay on the access road. I ended up turning off to go the back roads on a street I usually don't take, but am familiar with. As I drove, I saw a bug fly across my car, but I wasn't certain if it was a dragonfly or not (and I almost swerved off the road trying to look at it). So I said aloud "Could you please clearly show me a dragonfly easily so that I don't drive off the road?" In less than 3 minutes, a dragonfly flew across my windshield. So Poppy it is!

Now back to my other spirit guide. She's been through hundreds of lifetimes with me, including my healing lifetimes. She's helping me and guiding me into the healing realm. She said it was necessary for me to see my past lives first and now we'll chat. She's had hundreds of lifetimes to help me understand my healing talent. Karen asked me if I had any books around me. I chuckled as I stared up at all of the spiritual and inspirational books lining my bookshelves.She said my guide brings books into my awareness on purpose, like Wayne Dyer. Then Karen seemed surprised by the message "He's doing well on the other side." I wasn't surprised at this point, I talk to Dr. Dyer in my prayers every day too, and thank him for all he's done to help me in my life. It was really special to hear that message.

Karen went on to describe my spirit guide. She said she was dressed in a chiffon, flowy dress with pastel orange over yellow, pink and green sleeves almost to the elbow. "I'm like rainbow love!" she told Karen. It sounds like rainbow love! Karen said in all seriousness she is healing me on all chakra levels in learning how to heal others. She said she was wearing a crown tiara with blue crystals and pastel purple, glittery shoes. I want this outfit!!! She said again she's healing me on all chakra levels, color can be so healing.

Karen asked me if I wear color. I said I love it, but I'm wearing alot of black because I'm fat. I have released the need to beat myself up or put myself down, but I felt that was truthful, so I said it. She said that I don't need to protect myself any more and I'll lose the weight. She said to forgive "that" away. As I forgive "that" (and she said it happened more than once), I will lose easily. It is amazing that Karen picked up on "that" with only speaking with me one time. What she is talking about has never been written about or even spoken about, even to my closest friends. I'm not sure if it was more than once, but I I have wondered since what I do remember, I was so young (around 6). But one memory was enough to carry a heavy weight (literally) until now. Honestly, just writing this little bit has me in tears, and then typing it has me crying. I have been thinking of this for awhile, and my plan is to write a letter about it, to let it all out. I'm not going to mail it, I'm going to burn it, say a prayer and release it from my life finally for good. Thank you Karen, for yet another HUGE healing moment from a two hour phone call. 

Karen said to add color to my wardrobe. And since our talk, I have. I'm in pink, green (for Poppy!) and lots of bright colors. And I have to say, it brightens my whole day. I don't need to be thin to feel happy, and color makes me feel happy.

Karen told me my spirit guide's name is Alicia Montgomery. She has long hair, 5-6 inches past her shoulders, blondish-brown with a wave. Karen told me she hasn't always been my guide. I asked if she was ever in a lifetime with me, and she said she hasn't been, but has had the honor to watch over me. Alicia told Karen that she gave me her full name for my sake to connect with her. I really do like having a name.

Alicia keeps guiding me to books. She knows it's opening up talents that lay latent. (Books are constantly coming my way, in amazing and unexpected ways.) Karen said as a "small baby child" I tried to heal a dog (in this present lifetime), but I was young and didn't realize what I was doing. I don't remember that, but it is possible since one of the dogs we had when I was a kid was thrown down a flight of stairs. This is yet another story I've never talked about. I don't remember how young I was at the time, but the dog had seizures ever since. 

There was quite a theme with this reading about children. From my five lifetimes with Mr. Martin where I died under ten years old, my death with him at seven, which coincided with my life-threatening appendectomy in this lifetime at age seven, my abuse in this lifetime at age 6, and the children in my healing lifetimes that died so young. So what does it all mean? I'm not completely sure yet, but I think maybe this lifetime is to learn to forgive myself, forgive others, and let it all go.

I have been learning about forgiveness. It has been a challenge for me. But what I am understanding now, is that you forgive for yourself. It doesn't mean what the person did was right,  and it doesn't mean you have to hang out with them. It means you let go of the pain and attachment that hurt was causing you. That is freedom.

Whether I'll end up as a healer, a writer, or both is yet to be discovered. But I know I am keeping myself open to everything, and will continue to learn, grow, meditate, and pray. I also know we are never alone. All of the answers are with us all the time, we just need to listen.

Thank you again Karen Kubicko! The reading was healing on so many levels. It was above and beyond anything I expected. It is an honor to know you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To contact Karen for more information or a reading, visit her blog at: and to order her book, click here: Life Is Just Another Class (it's amazing, my next blog will be the review).

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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