Monday, November 5, 2018

Human Pin Cushion In Search Of Healing

To continue the healing with my foot, I made an appointment for acupuncture this week. It is something I have never tried before, but it does lend itself to the holistic approach I am employing to alleviate the pain.  I was curious to see if it works, and looked forward to the Friday evening appointment.

Thursday and Friday I got back to my morning gym routine. I went at 6AM to work my muscles and do lots of crunches to help shrink my belly. It felt good to be back, but honestly, my foot was sore afterwards. I continued using the massager and ice to alleviate the pain, and rested it as much as possible.

I'm on the fence about the new shoes I bought. The insole has an arch that seems to scrape against my foot. It's comfortable for a little while, but I have to switch those shoes with my old shoes that have the Good Feet Store insoles in order to have a consistent level of comfort. I wish my foot felt good all the time.

I know my weight is still a major factor in all of this, but I didn't have the best week honestly. I'm not gorging myself, but I haven't been listening to my body as I was. It's so easy, I'm not sure why I let it slide. But I know I will get back on track again, this is too important.

Friday arrived and I excitedly went to my appointment. Elizabeth is sweet and soft spoken, and well versed in all things acupuncture. We had a long consultation before we began, and I told her about my weight loss goals and the issue I was having with my foot.

Elizabeth decided to use acupuncture as well as cupping in my session. I have not tried either before, but decided to give them both a whirl. I was a bit uneasy about cupping because of the bruise-like marks it leaves on a person. I wondered if it was causing any harm to the body to mark it that way.  

I changed into a gown and hopped up on the table underneath a sheet. Carefully. Elizabeth began to put the acupuncture needles on me. There were maybe two that I could actually feel. It was a pinch, but nothing serious. I really was relaxed going into this. Between the soft music in the background and my positive attitude, I wasn't expecting this to be anything but helpful. She put needles into both my hands, my stomach, my forhead, my leg, and my foot. She lowered the lights and left for me to relax for 15 minutes. I felt a little pain in my foot for a short amount of time, so I lifted my foot, put it back down gently and the pain was gone. I closed my eyes and listened to the music until she returned.

While feeling like a human pin cushion, Elizabeth removed the acupuncture needles and asked how I felt. So far so good!  Next she had me flip over and brought out the cups. She started with glass ones and I could hear her light the flame inside two of them. She placed them on the bottom of my back and it felt like it was burning me. She noted aloud, "yes, those will leave a mark." I wasn't surprised! What did surprise me later, was that it didn't feel like a burn at all. If I had not felt that or looked in the mirror at home, I never would have known they were there. Normally a burn hurts for a awhile after and is sore, these didn't feel like anything at all. So, supposedly the marks are from unwanted toxins being pulled to the surface from the suction the cupping creates. Cupping is a treatment that can help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

After using the two glass cups, she switched to silicone which were gentler. I didn't hear her lighting them, she put oil on my back and used them to glide around my back while the cups provided suction as she went along. It was kind of like having your back vacuumed. It was moving the lymph around which is also good to release toxins. 

At the end Elizabeth put magnets in my ears to help alleviate food cravings. She said they'll probably come out in the shower.

I left feeling relaxed and my foot was pain free. Will I try it again? Of course! I'm going back next week. Elizabeth is going to provide more acupuncture and cup my belly! I forgot to ask her about herbs, so we'll see what she advises next week.

See you soon...

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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