Thursday, June 1, 2017

Now That I'm Spiritual, You Have To Be Too

Um, no. No you don't have to walk my path. That's the whole point, this is my path, and you have yours. Sometimes we walk together, and sometimes we don't. And that's just fine.  

I found a lovely group to connect with through the spirit guides class I took recently. Twyla, the teacher, put together a monthly group called Spiritual Happy Hour through the Meetup app. Awesome app, by the way, to find local like-minded souls in whatever it is you enjoy: yoga, meditation, business groups, and more. 

So last Friday was our first get together. We met up for happy hour at local spot called Barbaro. I ordered a Blanche Devereaux to drink, as I'm not just mystical, but also a rather passionate Golden Girls aficionado. The evening was as fun as I expected! We had good conversation including everything from crystals, past lives, current lives, our careers and more. One of the gentlemen I'll call "Sam," (since that was his name :) asked me and Twyla if our husbands were on board with our spirituality, or if there was a conflict. I've heard this conversation many times, and I have listened to people say how they were on a new path and now they couldn't relate to the people in their lives anymore. Some have left relationships or were considering it. 

When I first started really tuning in to spirit, I did have a time when I felt alone. But it was self-imposed. I thought I had to hide how I was feeling and what I was discovering. It was actually because I wasn't comfortable with it yet. It is very easy to project onto others what we are actually feeling about ourselves. After awhile I didn't care anymore and began to talk and write about it. I also started opening up about my small business and blog. I'm here to be myself not someone else, as we all are. There wasn't any earth-shattering stomping away of people I was close with. And there wasn't anyone that I felt compelled to run away from. Relationships do come and go, evolve and change, and through my heightened intuition, I am just more aware of the people that are truly kind and genuine. And I am also aware of my energy, and what I want to bring to others.

For a time I wanted everyone to hear about what I was learning, it was all so exciting (well, to me that is). Of course my conversations were welcome with others who listen to similar programs or read the same books and articles as me.  But not everyone is interested in everything that I am, even within the spiritual world there are thousands of paths.

Once I made peace with myself on what was important to me, and respected myself for what I believe in, it really didn't matter if anyone else felt the same way. For me to call myself spiritual and exclude someone who doesn't believe the same way, doesn't feel very spiritual to me. I don't need to prove what I believe in, and neither does anyone else. For me, spirituality is about BEING it, not preaching it. It is something I am working on, and my ultimate goal is just to be love.

So as far as judging others who don't walk my path, I don't. Instead, I choose to see what is really there, and it is more beautiful than can be found in a book or a course. As I told Sam, my husband doesn't need to practice spirituality, he IS it without trying. My husband looks up at the stars, the moon, a beautiful sunrise or sunset and says the most sincere and loving thank you for their daily gifts. That is BEING it. He speaks of this elderly woman he sees when he drives to pick up our son at school. He notices her getting off the bus a few blocks from our home every day in the blazing sun, walking to her home in our subdivision. He is contemplating how to help, if he can figure out a way to give her a ride, or buy her an umbrella to shade her. That is BEING it.

I will continue with my books, courses, learning, and groups because I love it and it's part of my path. But I will always be mindful to BE it and really SEE it in others. 

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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