Monday, October 15, 2018

Week Four: Shooting The Breeze With Sonia Choquette

I had a phone call this week with Sonia Choquette. Yes master, intuitive psychic Sonia Choquette. It came about unexpectedly, but it seems to be in sync with my spiritual inquiries these last few weeks. More seems to be opening up as I keep paying attention and allowing myself to learn about the healing I need. I am open to seeing the synchronicities and how the universe is always working in our favor to help us. The more I keep myself receptive and aware, the more flows my way.

I really was excited and nervous getting ready for the call. I needed to calm down so I took 15 minutes to meditate. I always pick a card from Sonia's Ask Your Guides oracle cards after I meditate. I have a bit of a routine that works for me. I ask Archangel Michael to clear them, then I ask my spirit guides to show me through the card I pick, what they most want me to know for the day. For the first time ever I forgot my ritual and started shuffling the deck. I pick a card through a number I intuit either before or while I'm shuffling. I heard 5. When I stopped shuffling, I picked the fifth card. I then realized I hadn't cleared the deck, so I put it back without looking at it, and started over. I want the cards to be clear of any prior energies so the reading is accurate. This time after having the cards cleared, and talking to my guides, I asked them what I needed to know about this upcoming reading with Sonia. I pulled my card, and brought it to my homeoffice to prepare for the call.  I lit candles, saged myself, prayed, pulled out talking points, pen & paper to write any notes, set up my recorder so I could listen back, and tried to relax.

It was such a gift to hear Sonia Choquette's voice on the phone! Sonia told me that my soul priority right now is to put my self first. She said it doesn't mean "me only" but that I need to have an active self awareness and self love. This certainly is what I have been writing about these past few weeks, that I need to let go of control, and let go of feeling like I need to do everything. It was also the same thing that the medical intuitive told me, that I try to do for everyone else, and I need to find another way. I am being hit with the same message over and over again. It makes me feel extremely grateful that I recognize these signs, and that all the help I need is here always. It is here for everyone.

Sonia told me that I am a deeply intuitive person. My blindspot is that I think everyone else should be too. She said most people aren't. She said I have a deep and profound awareness, and what I see, I feel should be obvious to most. But it isn't. She told me that I am qualified to do soul work. That made my day.

I talked to her about my business and blog and asked if I was on the right path. She told me that I have only four toes in, I need five. She told me that my ambivalence is holding me back and it's rendering me invisible.  Sonia said I need to own what I'm doing, and be centered in self, and then the creativity will flow freely. I asked her if what I was choosing to do was the "right thing." She said there is no right thing. She told me that I am a messenger, and I can be a messenger in any way I choose.  She said this way was probably good for me because I don't have to pick up other people's energies. She said that I am already dropping seedlings of inspiration with my writing.

Sonia told me to be lighter, like dancing, and to get out of my head. I asked her if I would be able to do readings if I wanted to, and she said yes. 

I asked her about my foot, if the injury was all part of this, and she said yes. She said it is because I am changing my path. Changing my path! I didn't even have that one on the list!. She told me to receive now (as others are helping me), to balance giving and receiving. She said not to fight it, that people want to help. 

Sonia made two foot references before I spoke about my injury. When we talked about me being intuitive, she said I didn't have two feet in. When I talked about my business and blog she said she could see it but I only had four toes in, not five. It gave me some more clarity about my foot pain, It seems that this injury is also guiding me to be fully committed to what I really want to do.

I just finished her book Diary of a Psychic. It's about her journey from childhood to adulthood in the psychic world. It's a great read, as are all of her books. In it she talks about her purpose to help others understand their purpose and karma. So my purpose is being a messenger, but next I wanted to know what my karma was. And karma is not a bad thing, it's a lesson we still need to learn from past lives. She told me my karma was to learn to not be responsible for others. And with that I heave a sigh of relief. I am only responsible for me.

After the reading I started to go back into my head again, exactly what she told me not to do. I started questioning things and wondering if all of this was real. She told me I was deeply intuitive, was it true? Then I glanced over to the card I picked before the reading...

"The door to your Inner Child is opening, and she walks through giving you the gift of intuition." "The message for you is: 'Trust me.'" Well there I have it. I need to stay out of my head and just know.

On Saturday I had my next appointment at the Integrative Healing Institute. This time I had a lymphatic drainage and another reflexology massage. I was feeling anxious for a couple of days before my appointment. Not for any particular reason, my body just felt nervous. As soon as I walked into Kim Krost's room, the tension was gone. This place is just a little piece of heaven. It feels so relaxing and healing there. Kim worked on the lymphatic drainage first. It sounds gross, but it really is a gentle therapy. She worked by pushing and manipulating very gently the lymph nodes in my legs, underarms, sides of my chest, neck, face, and head. It should cause the toxins to be expelled from my system and can even help with my weight loss. She started with my upper legs in the groin area and worked her way down to my feet. When she got to my feet she worked reflexology on both of my feet. My sore right foot needed it, but my left foot has been bearing all of the weight while I'm hobbling around in my boot and zipping along on my knee scooter. My feet felt wonderful after she worked on them. 

Next she went back to working on my lymphatic system by working on my underarms and sides. We chatted while she worked about the origin of this type of therapy, the light within us, and more. I brought up past lives and told her about my conversation with Denise Linn about whether my foot pain was from a past life. As I've mentioned in my blog before, Denise said she could see me quite a long time ago in either Poland or Russia. I was a refugee all alone walking in the cold dirt and snow barefoot. I was feeling hopeless.  After I described this to Kim, a pain shot up in the inside of my foot where it normally gets sore. It was hot, it felt throbbing, and I could see bright red in my mind. I stayed quiet as I did with the Reiki that had caused a pressure in my chest when she worked on my third chakra.  As she worked on my head and neck, the pain disappeared completely. It felt like another release of something that needed to work its way out of my body.  It was pretty amazing.

I left lighter and brighter as I had with my first session and I'm looking forward to going back in two weeks. By Sunday I was down 6 1/2 pounds total. I'm keeping on my plan of listening to my body and eating or not eating accordingly. All is well.

Till next week...

Sonia Choquette's website: Click here
Ask Your Guides oracle cards: Click here
Diary Of A Psychic: Click here
Integrative Healing Institute: Click here

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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