Monday, October 29, 2018

Week 6: Walking A New Path

This pause in my life wasn't about a foot injury. It was to help me reawaken my creativity. It was to help me do what I came here to share with others. I don't believe our purpose necessarily needs to be tied with a job or career. Sonia Choquette told me I am a messenger, and I have thought about that. I started a clutter clearing certification course and the beginning is a deep dive into your ancestry and personal history. I answered questions on my childhood and what I wanted to be at that time. I thought back to what I did when I was younger. I was always writing, drawing, and pretending I was a teacher. When I was a teenager I was writing, and drawing. What I was meant to do, I always knew (we all do), but somehow along the way I didn't recognize that I could do something I loved for a living. Even going to an art school for college, I still didn't believe I could do it.

I have been writing more and with ease, and working on my businesses more. This six week hold on my life has brought more joy that I could have imagined. There is a blessing when something happens to stop us in our tracks, so we can reflect on our lives and immerse ourselves in the things that make us happy. Even taking a break for self care is so vital. Resting, rejuvenating, and refreshing yourself can be a lifesaver.

I started writing a children's book over this six week rest. It was something I have been holding for eight years. Yes, for eight years I couldn't give myself the time to work on this! I knew I had some notes I had written, and some sketches. I searched around my office but couldn't find them. Through Sonia Choquette's Ask Your Guides course, she teaches about all of the guides around us. I completed this course in 2016, and have used this wisdom ever since. We have "runner guides" who help us. This may sound way out there, but that's me! If you need a parking space, ask the runner guides to find one for you before you reach the store, or if you need an easier spot in line, ask (and always remember to say thank you after!). Since I couldn't find my notes, I asked for help. Within less than a minute, I had a thought to check a drawer to see if I had filed it. I found a page! I thought again to recheck that drawer, and I found a folder marketed "Writing" with pages of notes and sketches! 

What would you do if all of the things you say you "have to do" weren't in your way? I see now that I put them there. I was stopping myself from doing what I really wanted to do. It is more than ok to put yourself on your to-do list. It is vital. Don't ever leave yourself out. I certainly won't make that mistake again.

I went back to the Integrative Healing Institute on Saturday for more healing therapy. I didn't lose weight this week and I talked to Kim about my self sabotage. She treated my foot with more reflexology, which felt fantastic, as well as lymphatic drainage on my legs and chakra clearing with Reiki. When she was working at my crown chakra, I felt a wave of energy flow down my body. It really is such an exhilarating, yet completely relaxing experience! The next day my weight was down a pound and a half, too. 

I mentioned last week about Mona Lisa Schultz's book Intuitive Advisor and how it suggested seeing an acupuncturist and a Chinese herbalist. Kim brought up acupuncture during our session so I asked if they offered it, and she told me Elizabeth at the front desk is an acupuncturist and I should also ask her about herbs too! I set up an appointment for next week and I can't wait for this new experience in holistic therapy.

My foot feels so much better. It's not perfect, there's still a little bit of pain, but certainly nothing I would get six surgeries for. I'm still grateful for that visit to the podiatrist though. He got me off my feet for awhile, showed me that I am the best determiner of what to do about my health, and propelled me into a much more exciting and fulfilling future. There is something good in every experience.

I ordered some good shoes (Brooks Ariel '18) for flat  feet, plantar fascitis and other foot issues, along with exercise bands (TheraBands) to help rehabilitate my foot. I found some exercises online to help with posterior tibial tendonitis and to make my feet stronger.

Getting back into my life again, everything is changed for the better. I am not doing for others unless I have taken care of myself first. I'm not talking about emergency situations and I don't mean this at all in a selfish way, I mean it in a way that I am not using that as an excuse not to follow my dreams. 

So even though these six weeks are finished, this is only the beginning of this new path, and I will be continuing to share my journey with you.  Thank you for walking along with me.

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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