Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Geisha, A Grandma, And Trust

Two weeks ago I attended the Many Lives, Many Masters one day workshop with Dr. Brian Weiss in Austin, which I'll be chatting about in my next blog. I arrived a day early and met up with one of my friends who was going as well. We decided to get together first at a crystal store called Nature's Treasures. Who could resist 7,000 square feet of crystals?! The store was also holding a psychic fair that day, so we decided to check it out. As my friend settled into a reading, I walked around and found Mia, who does akashic records sessions, past lives, pet readings, and more. She performed a lovely prayer to start the session and opened up my akashic records. She told me there were orbs, energies and lots of angels around me. She saw light beings, fairies and elementals around me too. 

Next she talked about my spirit guides. One of them was James. He appeared in his 20's. He was from a past life we had together in Asia. He loved me in that lifetime, but couldn't be with me because I was a geisha. I loved him too, and we were very close friends. When I told my friend about this after the readings she said "Aren't geisha's prostitutes?" I had this wave of shame wash over me (This feeling wasn't from anything she was implying, it was all in my head.), I always thought of them as artists.  They were skilled artists, but depending on the period during the rise of the geisha, they could be entertaining in the same quarters as courtesans. True geishas never married. As I was initially writing this blog, I stepped away and I felt embarrassed, feeling that I would be judged for this possibility. I thought well, you don't even have to publish this blog. And I don't. But then I got over myself. I know that the only judgement that needs to be let go of, is my own. 

My journey into past life regression is a work in progress. Through meditation and past life regression audios, I have only seen flashes of faces and places, nothing really concrete, not a real "seeing" of a past life. The most I have seen is my bare feet walking on a cobblestone street with shops around. It seems like I am in an old world European country, and I feel like I'm a man in that life. I have more senses away from meditation of what my past lives could have been. I have strong feelings that I have been Asian, American Indian, Indian (India) and Alaskan. I also feel a strong connection to England. Supposedly these connections reflect a knowing of a past life. There can be places, styles, cultures, interests, skills that we feel strongly or instinctually about, and those feelings can indicate a past life. We can also have fears and aversions that can indicate something significant that happened in a past life. Some people even have the "wounds" of a past life in the shape of scars or birthmarks. 

So feeling an Asian connection has made the possibility of a geisha past life plausable. I suppose the harder we try, we can get anything to make sense if we want it to. But this is just an exploration for me right now, so I am looking at all of the information I am gathering with an open mind, to see if there could be any truth to this. 

I have always had a serious problem with my feet. They hurt with just a small amount of walking, and this has been the case since I was a child. I worked for a short time at a podiatrist's office while I was in college. Dr. Steve helped me quite a bit by creating prescription orthotics for me. One of his curious observations after taking x-rays was that I had some free floating pieces of bone in my feet. His question was "Were you dropped as a baby?" Oh lordy. Well, that would make sense in this lifetime perhaps, but thinking towards a past life, what if these were the "wounds" from my geisha life in those bound shoes? Have you ever seen what those feet look like? Get ready...

I had called in to Denise Linn's Hay House radio show last year. I  asked her if the issue I had with my feet could be due to a past life (my heels were causing serious pain at the time and her show that day was on past lives). She told me she saw me in a past life in Russia or Poland. She could only see me from the legs down and I was barefoot. I was a refugee, walking by myself in the snow. She told me I was feeling hopeless at my situation. She made mention of how odd it was that I was all alone and not with other refugees. Digging into a past life has healed people in the present. More than one life can convey the same theme. If I can truly get to the bottom of why my feet hurt as they do, what the lesson is, the pain could actually go away. I am working through this same theory with my weight. Of course issues can be the result of a current lifetime, childhood traumas, and more. But I do believe there also can be more to it.

Next in my reading was a guide name Mary. She was an older person, a grandma in my past life or present life who is no longer here. Mary happens to be my grandmother's name who had passed over 25 years ago. Mia told me that we had several lifetimes together. She took care of me when I was little in some life. She saw her as Native American and in Peru. This was sweet to hear, as I have always have held loving memories of my grandmother. I include her in my prayers every morning to watch over my sons after I drop my youngest off at school.

The last guide she mentioned was Joseph. He hasn't been incarnated in a long time. He referred to himself as a teacher in training. He is trying to raise his level. She said it doesn't feel like he's from this galaxy. Mia felt he was from the Andromeda star system. She saw him with dark skin, short hair, tall, Indian (from India) and very smart. 

So a couple of things are odd, the Native American in Peru and the guide from Andromeda who is Indian. I do go into these things with an open mind, and I have only had a couple of readings, but I have yet to have a reading where the same guide came through again. If these mystics are actually seeing my guides, perhaps they appear in a way that is understandable to them. Would I see spirit the same way, or would another psychic see something completely different? Are the messages transmitted clearly, in metaphor, and skeptically speaking, how would I know if the psychic is really a psychic? I do believe we have guides around us, I just am not sure what really is true. I did a course of Sonia Choquette's called Ask Your Guides. Through it I learned to talk to and do automatic writing from my guides. I felt very connected and it felt true to me. I learned names of some of them (none the same as Mia's reading), and what they wanted to teach me.

Mia told me at times during my day I may be feeling a light pressure on my head, and that is spirit downloading information to me, upgrading me spiritually. I have felt that many times when meditating. It feels like someone has their hands on my temples or forhead gently pushing in. She told me to listen more to my intuition, believe more in myself. She said I second guess myself and worry quite a bit. I have to be more trusting. Trust seems to be quite a theme in my life, and I would say it's one of my biggest lessons. She said to ask my guides for help, because of free will, they can only help if we ask.

She asked if I had any questions, so I asked her about my weight to see if there was anything else behind it besides too many bars of candy. She said there is a layer behind my weight and that is for protection. She said it is an addition since childhood, using food as a way of coping with life. It fill s a void, helps me to cope with stress and emotions. She said self love is important. She said this in not physical (surgery would not solve the situation, I would just gain it back). She said it's an energetic and emotional fix. I have felt an addiction to food, especially when trying to let go of anything sugary. I also relate to the protection factor. And while I think about it, part of the thing I protect myself from is men. I feel uncomfortable about how I look when I'm thinner. It draws attention to me and makes me nervous. Could this relate to being a geisha? Could it relate to my isolation in my Russia / Poland life? What is the lesson I need to learn?

On a lighter note, of course I bought crystals after my reading! My first rose quartz pendulum, obsidian, celestite, a St. Peter statue to help with my aching feet (I just "happened" to come across him. I had no idea there was a saint to help with feet) and some candles. I talked to my friend at lunch about our experiences. She sat with Mia for almost an hour (mine was about 18 minutes, I could have gone longer if I wanted to but I felt I heard enough). She described some things that were absolutely incredible and very connected to her life. I told her I wasn't sure how I felt. She said I was a geisha, but I just happened to be wearing red lipstick (not common for me) and a bag that had an asian emblem on it. My friend said "maybe there's a reason why YOU chose to wear the lipstick and carry that bag." Hmmm. Since we are drawn to and repelled by things that occurred in our past lives, this certainly gives pause to think.

After the trip I had the urge to look up James in Japanese just to see if there was anything that would ring a bell to me. When I have thoughts to do stuff, I usually can tell when it's guidance and intuition, so I go with it. Awhile back I had a phone reading with Karen Kubicko and was told that smiley faces were signs from spirit of their presence. I went to an event with don Miguel Ruiz and don Miguel Ruiz Jr. right after that reading, (click here for blog) and instead of a wristband for seating, I was given a happy face sticker. That night was magical and I could feel spirit throughout the room for all of us. So much love. The smiley face was a beautiful sign among others that night. Anyway, after googling James, here's what I found: 

I see a smiley face, do you? There were many links to prior readings. Even if the names weren't the same, the lessons are linked. So maybe I need remember what I know in my heart to be true: the universe is speaking to us, I just need to trust.

Here are some great resources for learning about past lives:
Many Lives Many Masters book by Dr. Brian Weiss: click here
Many Lives Many Masters course by Dr. Brian Weiss: click here
Dr. Brian Weiss Regression CD's: click here
Denise Linn's Past Lives Present Miracles book: click here
Sonia Choquette Ask Your Guides book: click here
Life Is Just Another Class by Karen Kubicko book: click here

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Book Review: What Your Clutter Is Trying To Tell You by Kerri Richardson

I can't resist reading a new Hay House book, and how could I possibly resist reading something from another Kerri? I have been following Kerri Richardson on Facebook for quite awhile and enjoy her clutter busting tips, her many live chats, and following her adventures of building a tiny house with her wife Melissa. I was very excited to get my hands on her new book. 

What Your Clutter Is Trying To Tell You - Uncover The Message In The Mess And Reclaim Your Life arrived with a little over 100 pages, I thought hmm, this is slim, not your typical 250+ pages. But once I started reading, I realized something pretty spectacular, the book is clutter free! What could get across the point any clearer? When you read a book, especially self help, and the same message is repeated over and over again in slightly different ways, it can get very monotonous. You know the point could be wrapped up so much quicker. Well, Kerri did it! Kerri Richardson's book is filled with concrete steps to remove the clutter and get to the bottom of why it's there in the first place. She also provides her own personal stories and those from her clients too. 

What Kerri reveals in What Your Clutter Is Trying To Telling You, is far more valuable than just removing items from your home. Clutter is a symptom, and Kerri helps get you to the cause. Her book is a deep dive into the multitude of ways clutter clogs your personal space and your head space. Her book provides an easy method to break down clutter clearing in more manageable chunks. It takes away the overwhelm and provides an enormous sense of accomplishment in a short time.

While I read the book I also participated in a 30 Day Clutter Clearing Game that Kerri started on Facebook. This was also a fantastic way to ease into clutter clearing. For each day of the month, you clear that number of items (1 item for day one, 30 items for day 30, etc) and by the end you will have gotten rid of 465 items! Here's more details on Kerri's site: http://kerririchardson.com/clutter-game/She also offers private coaching, group coaching and Clutter Buster coursesKerri has endless ideas for clutter clearing. Along with her book, I highly recommend following her on social media to join her groups and live chats (links are below). The extra support helps so much. I am also an avid fan of her new Hay House Radio show on Mondays at 11AM PT. Definitely check it out, you can call in and speak to her too! 

Thanks to Kerri I realized that clutter is more than just objects, it can be in other things that weigh us down (including weight itself). She made me look at why I was really holding on to the extra pounds. I thought I was sabotaging myself for upcoming events in my life. I would start the diet because "x" event was coming up in a few months, but instead of losing, I would gain. Through Kerri's guidance, it became clear that it was the events themselves that I was protecting myself from. I am empathic, shy and sensitive, and new situations and different energies are difficult for me. The extra padding puts a buffer between that. It's definitely helpful to know the "why" when you are trying to make a change.

Another clutter trap was my art supplies. I have always thought "I am an artist" even though I haven't practiced it in a long time. I had art supplies in my closet as far back as high school and many from college. I felt like I couldn't let them go since "I am an artist" has been my mantra for years. I even bought a whole new set of art supplies well over a year ago to inspire me to create again. But it's still sitting in the same closet. Kerri helped me examine this. Is this something I actually enjoy? Through simple exercises, I have come to realize that what I thought was a fear of doing this again, may actually be that it's just not for me right now. I don't have to be an artist. Why would I create that kind of pressure on myself? I was able to let go of the high school & college supplies, and a stinky college textbook (I just don't like old book smell) And the best part is, I didn't have the attachment to it all that I thought I would. It wasn't hard to let it go. I kept the newer supplies, and before I decide if I will let it go entirely, I will try it out again, but with no pressure. I know now that I don't have to do or be anything other than happy.

I am the queen of lists. Through Kerri Richardson's book and the "Action Time!" steps, I was able to see how the lists were keeping me from having any fun. The lists never ended. So I've clutter cleared those, pared things down to what I really need to remember to do, and added in fun things on my list! I was also able to let go of Christmas items that had no meaning (or I didn't like), along with releasing the guilt feelings that whisper that I have to keep every memory forever. I let go of items that held negative memories. Going through the bad memories was only difficult at the start of the process (Who wants to conjure up bad feelings?), once I started working on it, and got things out of the house, I felt free and clear. Everything holds energy, and avoiding them and having them in my home, was not healthy. 

I let go of excessive wrapping paper, years old unfinished crafts (I have yet to remember what the googly eyes on rocks was all about), DVDs, kitchen items, school supplies, outdated food & medicine, clothing, computer cords, cookbooks, and more. Almost everything was donate or recycled. I paired down some of the school papers I've been keeping of my kids. Those memories are the hardest for me. I really felt like I needed to keep it all, but that was just something I put on myself, and now I am more able to let it go. I don't need to keep every single memory to remember their childhood or to honor them. 


What Your Clutter Is Trying To Tell You shows the common causes of clutter, provides a resource list of where to donate or sell items, and even provides a section on turning clutter into cash! Kerri also points out so many additional types of clutter that may surprise you, but once sorted through and released from your life, will make a positive impact.

Kerri encourages us to look at what is coming in to our lives as the clutter leaves, and I just love that! This awareness paired with gratitude brings so much more goodness into our lives. Throughout the last month and a half of reading the book and letting go of physical, digital and mental clutter, so many blessings have arrived. I received an invitation from an Instagram friend to participate in goodness packs she was putting together. This resulted in a large order for Kindness Cards and paper butterflies that will now be distributed around the U.K.! I also received an affiliate check from Hay House, a free life insurance policy, a new TV for my office (also free), and many other blessings of kindness and abundance. The best part is feeling lighter, a sense that good is flowing in my life, and I am putting more positive energy into the world as a result. This is an ongoing process, but one I feel confident and positive about thanks to Kerri Richardson and What Your Clutter is Trying To Tell You.

Here are some ways to reach Kerri Richardson and buy her book:
Kerri's book: Hayhouse: http://hhafftrk.com/?a=3653&c=6166&p=r&s1=  
Kerri's book: Amazon http://amzn.to/2Fq5Oxa
Kerri's website: http://kerririchardson.com/
Kerri on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KerriCoach/
Kerri on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kerrioke/?hl=en
Hay House Radio: http://hhafftrk.com/?a=3653&c=1445&p=r&s1=

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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