Thursday, May 15, 2014

We're Proud To Announce Our: Kindness...pass it on Mission!

Intentional Kindness is a beautiful thing, not only does it make the recipient feel great, it does the same to the giver.  Best of all, it also makes anyone who sees or hears about the kindness, feel great too! And you know what happens after that...kindness spreads!

That is what this mission is all about, spreading more kindness into the world.  I know it's out there. I know others are doing random and intentional acts of kindness, and now it's time to join in! Suitable Gifts wants to jump start our mission by offering two free Kindness cards. Just send us your name and address on our Kindness...pass it on! page and we will happily send them to you. Our cards have plenty of lines for you to add your message (and you can write on the back too!). The great thing about the Kindness cards, are that they are just the size of a business card. You can carry them in your wallet, leave them in your glove compartment, and use them when the moment strikes you.

You don't need to spend money to be kind. There are different ways to give, and it is always the thought that counts.  Your Intentional Kindness can be to someone you know: a family member, a teacher, co-worker, friend.  It can also be to someone you don't know.  And it's up to you how you want to share it, whether you want to sign you name or make it totally anonymous.  It should be what makes you feel good too! Try different ways, and see what works the best for you. There also isn't a formula for how often you need to do this, every day, once a week. once a month, it's all up to you. There is no wrong way if you are being kind!

Here are some ideas:
Free Kindness:
  • Share a smile.
  • Give a sincere compliment.
  • Open the door for someone.
  • Let a driver in your lane.
  • Let the person behind you get in front at the check-out line.
$5 and under Kindness:
  • Leave a $5 Starbucks gift card on someone's windshield- on the card write: "Free coffee on me!"
  • Feed the parking meter for another- leave the Kindness card on the windshield: "Added some coins to the meter to save you from a ticket!"
  • Pay a toll for the car behind you. Leave the card for the toll booth collector to give to the driver with your note (of course fill out the card before you get behind the wheel!).

$5+ Kindness:
  • Pay breakfast/lunch for the car behind you in the fast food line. Leave the Kindness card (filled out) for the cashier to give to them. "Lunch is on me!"
  • Gift cards- leave a surprise gift card ($5,$10 nothing is too small) for Target, CVS, Walmart, Wendy's, Subway...etc) on someone's desk, windshield, in public for a stranger to find (bus stop, park/grocery store/church announcement board, park bench, college campus, shelter, etc).
  • Bring flowers to a senior center or hospital for someone you don't know. 
  • Re-gift: If you have unused books, candles, journals or small gifts that you've never used, leave them with a Kindness card at a receptionist's desk, doctor's waiting room, on an empty chair in a cafeteria. How fun would it be to find a surprise gift? "To whoever finds this gift, it was meant for you, enjoy!" 
The ways to be kind are endless! Get creative, and share your Intentional Kindness with us!
Post with #kindnesspassiton on our: 
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We would love to hear what you are doing, and share it with everyone for inspiration! And if you have additional ideas we could use, share those as well! Let us know how this is making you feel, and how it's inspiring others.  You can also email us any time with your comments: 

Kindness...pass it on!

With Gratitude,

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

LOVE Monday? Yes you can!

TGIF! Friday is the most celebrated of days. We all can't wait to get there. Wednesday has been deemed hump day, since we are so glad we are getting close to the beloved weekend. But what about poor Monday? Often Monday is the wrath of the most unflattering commentary, whether it's posted on Facebook or shamed in the office on Monday morning.  Poor Monday is the most unappreciated of days.

I think it's time to look at marvelous Monday in a whole new light. It's time to LOVE Monday! For the past month, I've been posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram a #LOVEmonday photo and commentary. I have noticed the beauty of creating a rainbow while watering the grass, finding a heart shaped piece of watermelon in a pre-sliced container, a heart shaped out of a jump rope that one of the neighborhood kids left on my front lawn, and more! There is so much to notice, and since I've started this, I'm noticing more love on Monday and every day.  

This project began for me when I walked into my home office on a Monday morning (yes, with a hint of dread, I'll admit it). What I found were two small water fountains sitting on my desk and filing cabinet. They were flowing and so peaceful to behold.  They were placed there, unbeknownst to me, Sunday night from my youngest son. He left for school that morning without saying a word, just so I would be surprised by this gesture. Pure LOVE on a Monday morning! I was so touched, I felt so blessed. I certainly wanted to hold on to that feeling, and to share it also.

Monday doesn't have to mean drudgery, or the start of a long, miserable, draining week. It truly is in our hands (through our minds and hearts) how the week will unfold.  Taking small steps like this, creates a snowball effect of seeing and feeling more loving things. The more you focus on something, the more you see it. You can chose to focus on the dreaded Monday, or celebrate it by noticing all of the good things in the day. 

What will you notice this coming Monday: a new bud opening up on your rose bush, a beautiful butterfly stopping by your bird bath for a drink, the look of accomplishment on your child's face as she finally figures out that math problem? Whatever it is, take a picture or write it down. Keep a journal or a folder on your iPhone of the things you notice.  When you start to feel down or frustrated, look at what a reminder of LOVE you have created for yourself to pick you back up again. And the added benefit to this is, when you begin to feel more loving towards Monday, those around you will too.  It may make all of the days of the week seem a bit lighter and brighter for everyone.

Share with us how you LOVE Monday! Add a comment below, and send us a picture on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook anytime! We would love to share what you LOVE too!

With Gratitude,

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