Wednesday, December 12, 2018

From Getting Reiki To Giving It

It's been awhile since I've written, so I'm going to begin where I left off and then next week I'll give an update of the last few weeks. It's been a fun adventure!

I began taking the herbs that my acupuncturist gave me. To be quite honest, my first night was spent in the bathroom eliminating any bit of excess water in me. After that, it seemed to keep my systems regular and it has lessened bloating. 

I received the Job's Tears tea I ordered in the mail. The acupuncturist recommended it in addition to the herbs to help with weight loss. It's powder packs. I heated some water (you can use warm milk too), added a pack and stirred. It's not bad, it's creamier than tea and has a nutty flavor (since there's nuts in it!) This definitely makes me go to the bathroom more, but it feels like along with the herbs, it's getting my body back in balance.

Job's Tears Tea

I went to see Kim Krost at the Integrated Healing Institute for Reiki, chakra balancing, reflexology, and an amazing foot massage on both feet, that was very needed. This self care has been the kindest thing I have ever done for myself, and I highly recommend finding something that makes you feel good and feel taken care of. Nurture yourself.

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, 
deserve your love and affection." 
- Buddha

Reiki I class was on Saturday. I just loved it! It was a small class, 8 of us and Kim was the teacher.  I learned the history of Reiki, and the basics so I can use it on myself, plants, animals, food, and others. Kim suggested we use it for 21 days on ourselves and journal about it. I will definitely do this, I love journaling and the daily Reiki is a great addition to my spiritual practice of prayer, meditation, and gratitude journaling. Everyone was in the class for different reasons. One lady was recovering from cancer and was also a recovering addict and wanting to learn Reiki to help in her healing. A gentleman was ex-military who did tai chi and and quigong and thought this would be a natural fit. Another woman was taking the class as part of the continuing education credits she needed as a massage therapist, and two sisters came together because one was interested in Reiki and the other wanted to check it out. I wanted to learn it to help others. We have a neighbor who's son has epilepsy, and I would love to be able to give him and his mom some relief, calm, and peace. Kim noted that it's important that we make sure that we are taking care of ourselves first, and I took that in completely and will make sure I am healed and healthy before I work on others.

After the history lesson, it was time for our attunement. One at a time we went to Kim's regular therapy room and we were each given a download of Reiki. It felt very sacred, and it was a short but beautiful ceremony. She told us we could go back to the classroom after and lay down for a moment on one of the three massage tables if we wanted to, and soak it all in for a few minutes. I was the only one to do so. 

While waiting for everyone to finish their attunement, we read from the binders she gave us and had tea, gluten free muffins, almonds, and celery with dip. We stayed quiet so were weren't disturbing whoever was getting their attunement in the next room. We did collectively laugh when the first of us crunched into a celery stalk in the very quiet room.

Next Kim showed us how to work on each other. She asked for a volunteer and the tai chi guy hopped up on one of the tables. We all surrounded him and she showed us how to ground ourselves, ground the client, feel their energy flow, and how and where to touch to provide Reiki. After the lesson, she had us partner up and practice on each other.  I first worked with the massage therapist and a woman that seemed to not have much confidence in her abilities. I know that after reading and learning all that I have, it's easier for me to picture something that I can't see, as opposed to someone who is trying this for the first time. When I could see she was faltering, I told her to imagine what Kim was describing, and that she was doing well. I am sure much of it seemed way out there, but after experiencing Reiki first-hand, I have felt the energy in my body that Kim has transmitted. I feel so much more relaxed and at peace after it. I wish everyone in that room had that experience prior to class, only two others besides myself had.

Honestly, I was nervous too. As we worked on the massage therapist, I was more worried about breathing and pulling up life force energy into my hands than actually feeling what was going on in the person I was trying to help. I did the best I could, but I wasn't sure if I was remembering where to place my hands, and then what exactly I should do with them. Some of it was easy, but it was only my first try. Then we were told to switch so I hopped on the table. Oh my goodness, the massage therapist was awesome! The lady who was more unsure caught the attention of Kim and she tried to help her a bit. It is a different way to look at healing, and it really takes some letting go of typical beliefs. She really did well though, even if she didn't realize it.

Next Kim had us practice on each other sitting down. We were supposed to pretend we were at work and noticed someone who seemed in need (like having a headache or some sort of pain). I worked with the woman recovering from cancer and she told me when she worked on my head, her whole body was moving from it. I worked on her head too. She was super nice and we exchanged emails and signed up for the next Reiki class together afterwards.  

The final person I worked with was the tai chi guy. We were to work on a hand or arm or something while seated. I worked on his hand. 3 minutes is a looooong time to work on a hand! He told me I had a gentle touch. He worked on my hand and arm. 

There were times when I felt light headed and had tingles down my arms when we were working on each other. It was a pretty amazing experience. A few of the students were coming back on Sunday for the Reiki II class, but I couldn't go because it was my last day at my Sunday job. I was a little bummed because I really liked the group, but I was glad I would have some time to practice the basics before the next class.

At the end of class we received our certificates. Kim said to keep aware of how we were feeling in the days that follow. She said magic would happen. I'll definitely keep an eye out and journal about it. I will also be doing Reiki every morning before I get up. 

I signed up for Reiki II in January, the Reiki Master class in April and bought some more herbs so I can take them for a month (1 bottle only lasts 10 days). I am excited to see what magic transpires over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

Reiki Master

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