Thursday, September 19, 2019

Reiki Master

Several months after the Reiki II class, I attended the Master class. The class was fantastic. The energy of this group of students was different though. There were no familiar faces in this class, aside from our teacher. I didn't feel that they understood the sacredness of this experience. Reiki I is for the student to heal themselves, Reiki II is to heal others, and the Master class is about enlightenment. 

After some instruction, one by one, we went into a separate room for our final attunement from our Reiki Master teacher. Attunements clear energetic pathways to allow Reiki energy to flow through the recipient. This attunement invokes the Master symbol as well. When I received mine, and went back to the classroom, everyone was loud and talking across the room to each other. I hopped on a massage table to be quiet and integrate the attunement. As I closed my eyes, I suddenly felt hands on my shoulders. One of the students had come up behind me and started massaging my shoulder, head, and neck. I didn't ask for it, and I wasn't asked if I wanted it. Honestly, it was a great massage, but I really just wanted a quiet moment. Reiki teaches that you should always ask for permission before giving Reiki. Shouldn't this be the same for massage or anything else? I'm not angry about it, I know she did this with a good intention, it just seemed to go along with the general attitude of the class. Many of the students (it's a small group mind you, 8 students) were looking at their phones throughout the entire class. As I said, the energy didn't feel quite right for an energy healing class. But what I learned was immeasurable.

We learned the Master symbol and received all of the information to be able to attune others. Not only can I give Reiki to myself and others, I can also teach it now too!

We learned about crystals and how they can enhance a Reiki session. We learned chakra balancing using a pendulum and crystals. We also learned how to "stitch" up an aura after an aura cleansing. Aside from the attunement, the chakra balancing was my favorite part. When the chakras are balanced you can physically see the chakras spinning when the pendulum is dropped into the chakra vortexes. You can also see when they are imbalanced by the way the pendulum swings. 

I felt that I had learned everything I needed to do a proper Reiki session after this class. What a gift to be able to share with others! And to top it all off, the Reiki teacher ask me and my friend from the Reiki II class that I had been sharing Reiki with, to work as contractors for her on Saturdays! Within six months from my first Reiki class, I am working as a healing practitioner. I believe that one of the easiest ways to know if you are on the right path, is to notice how quickly the universe supports you. 

I am now offering distance healing for people and pets on my Suitable Gifts Reiki page. I am also working on a new site specifically devoted to energy healing called: Enlightened Healing Space. It's a work in progress, but should be completed soon!

My next blog will be about some of the experiences I have had giving reiki. It has been an amazing journey, and I thank you all for being supportive in reading my blog and for your kind comments.

Suitable Gifts Reiki Services:
Enlightened Healing Space:

In Love & Gratitude,

Kerri Mulhern

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Reiki II - Healing Others

So much has happened in the last several months. I earned my Reiki II certificate. The class was fantastic. It was all women in this group, a small class of eight. One of the women from my Reiki I class was there, so it was nice to see a familiar face. She was healing from addiction and breast cancer, and said that reiki lessened the affects of the cancer treatments she went through, and even helped her hair grow in faster. She looked fantastic, her skin was glowing. The other ladies had various reasons for taking the class. Some were massage therapists who wanted to learn more to enhance their massage practices and also earn continuing education credits. Others wanted to learn so they could heal themselves, friends, family and even begin their own practices. 

Along with being attuned to the power, harmony and distance symbols, I also learned how to send distance reiki using a surrogate. I sent reiki to my bestie 1,800 miles away during the class. It was only a 5 minute session, but it was great to learn how to do it so I could continue practicing at home. It is amazing that reiki can be sent anywhere in the world, to people, animals, places, and situations. This is such a loving modality, and it shows that we are all one and truly connected to each other. I learned how to heal things in the past, present and future, how to help in healing addictions, and more about working on others.

One at a time, as in the Reiki I class, we were individually attuned in a separate room. After the attunement, I came back into the classroom and hopped on a massage table to close my eyes and integrate this sacred experience for a moment. 

We practiced on each other in class and learned how to do an aura cleansing. For everyone, and especially empaths who pick up everyone else's energy, this is a great way to cleanse the residue of other people's anger, fear, hostility, etc off of your auric field. Ever walk in a room and pick up the vibe in the air? Well, that energy can get stuck in your aura. We used a selenite wand and palo santo and learned to feel the layers of the aura. Each layer is connected to one of the 7 chakras and has a connection to our body, emotions, and spirit. 

You can use palo santo or sage whenever you want to cleanse your aura yourself, you don't need a reiki attunement to do that. Just light the palo or sage, blow it out so you have smoke.  Gently wave the stick over your head, down your body, over your hands and under your feet. Make sure to completely distinguish the stick. I usually put mine in a small glass. 

Our reiki teacher offered that we could come in after our class and use her tables to practice with each other. After the class she sent us all a follow up email, and I responded to let everyone in the class know that I would love to practice with any of them. I heard from one of the ladies in the class, and I was so psyched to be able to swap reiki with someone in a professional setting. 

We scheduled a time to meet up after work one weekday. I packed up my reiki toolkit including quartz crystals, chakra stones, a selenite wand, water, and some palo santo. Quartz crystals go around the head of the one receiving reiki to amplify the energy. The chakra stones go next to or on the chakras. Just being near the stones alone can activate the chakras. As previously mentioned, the selenite wand and palo santo sticks are used to cleanse the aura. I arrived first and took the time to sit quietly and connect to reiki. When she arrived, it was apparent she had a challenging day at work, so I offered to give her reiki first.  Then she gave me reiki and I felt sensational after! We both left the healing center on a cloud. We met once a month after that, and each time felt great. It was wonderful to have a reiki friend to learn with, share what we were experiencing during the sessions, and practice, practice, practice. 

I practiced long distance reiki on friends and family. I felt as time went on, I got better at it, and started feeling more confident in connecting and sending. There is a level of focus and intent that built up over time by consistently practicing. I developed an ease in using the symbols and hand positions. I also continued to get reiki and acupuncture during this time and practiced self reiki for 21 days after my attunement, as recommended. Self care is as important for the healer as it is for the one being healed.

I am truly grateful to my friends and family at home and at a distance who allowed me to be a conduit of reiki energy for them. I am also grateful to my teacher, my reiki friend, and reiki itself. Having this gift of reiki to share with others is a blessing beyond measure.

My next blog will be about my Reiki Master class, stay tuned!

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Healing Hands

After my Reiki I certification, I went through 21 days of Reiki. Every morning before I got out of bed, I did Reiki on myself along with chakra balancing. It was a great way to practice and to experience Reiki fully. I found that things that normally would have annoyed me didn't. This included the salsa jar I opened that exploded all over myself, the kitchen counter, the walls, and the towels. It made me laugh instead of scream! 

I noticed synchronicities and lessons became more vivid and obvious. I am one who notices the signs the universe is providing us with, and Reiki helped them be more clear, and sometimes just so over the top. It was wonderful!

Reiki does wonders for anxiety, as does meditation. It has become a beautiful addition to my daily self care. It helps on so many levels of healing, but I have been so grateful for how much it calms me. 

I spent the two months in between my Reiki I and Reiki II classes healing myself, giving Reiki to my houseplants, and my sweet cat Scar. I really wasn't feeling confident yet to work on other people, I wanted the Reiki II class before I started that, as I knew I would be learning more about healing, symbols, and would have another attunement. But I did find one person to at least practice a little bit on. They were helping me as a kindness, wasn't a believer in this form of healing at all. But I appreciated the help because at least I could practice and feel better about working on people in the Reiki II class. 

When I worked on this person I felt nervous at first honestly. But as I continued up her body, I felt more and more relaxed. It seemed like she was too! When I got up to her head and finished, I started to remove my hands. With her eyes still closed, she waved her hands repeatedly towards her head and asked me to put them back! She kept saying "I need to get back, I need to get back." I was stunned. Reiki doesn't make you psychic, so it's not that I can tell what the person is feeling or thinking. I can feel heat in my hands, tingling, and I'm sure as I continue to use Reiki, my intuition and senses will become more pronounced and active. I could tell something was happening, but I didn't know what. 

Afterwards, the person told me that she could see a valley and in the middle was a blue light shaped like an hourglass. She just wanted to get to the light to see what it was. I could feel it was a spiritual experience, and this was when I truly felt the power of Reiki. I have healing hands! I don't mean this from an egoic level. Reiki is flowing through me, I'm not doing the healing, Reiki is. I'm a conduit for healing, a grateful conduit. My teacher Kim told us that even if someone doesn't believe in Reiki, it works anyway. And this certainly proved it! And it was something I needed as much as she did. I really needed to know if Reiki would flow through me. It was a gift for both of us, and I am grateful to my friend who let me practice, to Reiki, and to my teacher Kim.

Reiki can heal on all levels, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. There doesn't need to be a dramatic event such as my friend had. As a matter of fact, some people don't feel anything at all during Reiki, but it still is healing. It does not replace a doctor, a needed surgery, or medication, but it can certainly compliment them. It is tapping into universal life force energy that is available and is in all of us. and all around us. It is love.

I am so grateful that my spiritual journey has led me to this path of healing. I'll be sharing my Reiki II experience in my next blog. I am grateful to you all for sharing this with me too.

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

From Getting Reiki To Giving It

It's been awhile since I've written, so I'm going to begin where I left off and then next week I'll give an update of the last few weeks. It's been a fun adventure!

I began taking the herbs that my acupuncturist gave me. To be quite honest, my first night was spent in the bathroom eliminating any bit of excess water in me. After that, it seemed to keep my systems regular and it has lessened bloating. 

I received the Job's Tears tea I ordered in the mail. The acupuncturist recommended it in addition to the herbs to help with weight loss. It's powder packs. I heated some water (you can use warm milk too), added a pack and stirred. It's not bad, it's creamier than tea and has a nutty flavor (since there's nuts in it!) This definitely makes me go to the bathroom more, but it feels like along with the herbs, it's getting my body back in balance.

Job's Tears Tea

I went to see Kim Krost at the Integrated Healing Institute for Reiki, chakra balancing, reflexology, and an amazing foot massage on both feet, that was very needed. This self care has been the kindest thing I have ever done for myself, and I highly recommend finding something that makes you feel good and feel taken care of. Nurture yourself.

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, 
deserve your love and affection." 
- Buddha

Reiki I class was on Saturday. I just loved it! It was a small class, 8 of us and Kim was the teacher.  I learned the history of Reiki, and the basics so I can use it on myself, plants, animals, food, and others. Kim suggested we use it for 21 days on ourselves and journal about it. I will definitely do this, I love journaling and the daily Reiki is a great addition to my spiritual practice of prayer, meditation, and gratitude journaling. Everyone was in the class for different reasons. One lady was recovering from cancer and was also a recovering addict and wanting to learn Reiki to help in her healing. A gentleman was ex-military who did tai chi and and quigong and thought this would be a natural fit. Another woman was taking the class as part of the continuing education credits she needed as a massage therapist, and two sisters came together because one was interested in Reiki and the other wanted to check it out. I wanted to learn it to help others. We have a neighbor who's son has epilepsy, and I would love to be able to give him and his mom some relief, calm, and peace. Kim noted that it's important that we make sure that we are taking care of ourselves first, and I took that in completely and will make sure I am healed and healthy before I work on others.

After the history lesson, it was time for our attunement. One at a time we went to Kim's regular therapy room and we were each given a download of Reiki. It felt very sacred, and it was a short but beautiful ceremony. She told us we could go back to the classroom after and lay down for a moment on one of the three massage tables if we wanted to, and soak it all in for a few minutes. I was the only one to do so. 

While waiting for everyone to finish their attunement, we read from the binders she gave us and had tea, gluten free muffins, almonds, and celery with dip. We stayed quiet so were weren't disturbing whoever was getting their attunement in the next room. We did collectively laugh when the first of us crunched into a celery stalk in the very quiet room.

Next Kim showed us how to work on each other. She asked for a volunteer and the tai chi guy hopped up on one of the tables. We all surrounded him and she showed us how to ground ourselves, ground the client, feel their energy flow, and how and where to touch to provide Reiki. After the lesson, she had us partner up and practice on each other.  I first worked with the massage therapist and a woman that seemed to not have much confidence in her abilities. I know that after reading and learning all that I have, it's easier for me to picture something that I can't see, as opposed to someone who is trying this for the first time. When I could see she was faltering, I told her to imagine what Kim was describing, and that she was doing well. I am sure much of it seemed way out there, but after experiencing Reiki first-hand, I have felt the energy in my body that Kim has transmitted. I feel so much more relaxed and at peace after it. I wish everyone in that room had that experience prior to class, only two others besides myself had.

Honestly, I was nervous too. As we worked on the massage therapist, I was more worried about breathing and pulling up life force energy into my hands than actually feeling what was going on in the person I was trying to help. I did the best I could, but I wasn't sure if I was remembering where to place my hands, and then what exactly I should do with them. Some of it was easy, but it was only my first try. Then we were told to switch so I hopped on the table. Oh my goodness, the massage therapist was awesome! The lady who was more unsure caught the attention of Kim and she tried to help her a bit. It is a different way to look at healing, and it really takes some letting go of typical beliefs. She really did well though, even if she didn't realize it.

Next Kim had us practice on each other sitting down. We were supposed to pretend we were at work and noticed someone who seemed in need (like having a headache or some sort of pain). I worked with the woman recovering from cancer and she told me when she worked on my head, her whole body was moving from it. I worked on her head too. She was super nice and we exchanged emails and signed up for the next Reiki class together afterwards.  

The final person I worked with was the tai chi guy. We were to work on a hand or arm or something while seated. I worked on his hand. 3 minutes is a looooong time to work on a hand! He told me I had a gentle touch. He worked on my hand and arm. 

There were times when I felt light headed and had tingles down my arms when we were working on each other. It was a pretty amazing experience. A few of the students were coming back on Sunday for the Reiki II class, but I couldn't go because it was my last day at my Sunday job. I was a little bummed because I really liked the group, but I was glad I would have some time to practice the basics before the next class.

At the end of class we received our certificates. Kim said to keep aware of how we were feeling in the days that follow. She said magic would happen. I'll definitely keep an eye out and journal about it. I will also be doing Reiki every morning before I get up. 

I signed up for Reiki II in January, the Reiki Master class in April and bought some more herbs so I can take them for a month (1 bottle only lasts 10 days). I am excited to see what magic transpires over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Belly Cupping, Herbs and the Tears of Job

As I continue my healing journey, I kicked up the exercise routine again. Four mornings this week I went at six in the morning before work. I also took one lunch hour to go back to the gym and sit in the sauna for twenty minutes. I know the sauna is good to relax the muscles and detox. My foot hurts after the gym still, so I've been icing it and using the massager. It is definitely better after the six week rest I gave it, but there is still the inside of my foot above my flattened arch that still aches. The good thing is though, with some ice, the massager, and a short amount of rest, it feels better.

This week I went to my second acupuncture appointment. After a short talk about how I was feeling, Elizabeth put the acupuncture needles on my head, ear, hands, belly, legs and foot to help with my foot pain and weight. She left me this time for 30 minutes to relax. It was comfortable and peaceful. I listened to the soothing music and closed my eyes. After she returned and gently removed the needles, she did cupping on my abdomen for help with my weight issues. They weren't hot, and while she moved them around, I could feel a light suction. There was no pain, and no marks. 

I also asked Elizabeth about herbs for weight loss. She gave me a bottle of Chinese herbs called Poria 15 Formula. I'm to take two tablets 3 times a day. She also gave me a list of foods to try that will help resolve dampness in the body as well as excess water. I find it so fascinating to learn about how different modalities approach how to heal the body. Frog is one of the items to help resolve water. I think I'll go with celery instead! The herbs she gave me is supposed to improve digestion, increase elimination, aid in lipid metabolism, reduce serum cholesterol, phlegm, and water excess in overweight people. It helps with "damp accumulation in the lower and middle burner." Now isn't that a much nicer way to look at being overweight? I have damp accumulation! I love it, it feels like something that can be solved instead of judging myself over it. My body is not in alignment, but I can get it there!

Elizabeth also suggested I try Job's Tears tea for weight loss too. I left the session feeling pain free, relaxed, yet excited about adding the herbs, tea, and the various foods to my healing plan (minus the frog).

Job's Tears Tea

The next day I was signed up for a college tour with my son, so I didn't try the herbs yet, not knowing how they would affect me (especially the "increase elimination" part). After over an hour of walking and standing, my foot was in so much pain. The Motrin I took beforehand didn't help at all.  When we returned home I rested my foot but it was still sore the next day.

Along with healing my body, I'm also working on my mind and the spiritual, soulful aspects of my life. I am working on bringing more joy and purpose into my life. I'm creating the life I really want. Several years ago I was let go from a job and it left me fearful of being in that situation again. I worked awhile at another job not as an employee, but in a contractor position. When I was later hired by a wonderful company at a great salary, I was afraid to let go of the other job completely. So I still worked every Sunday at it telling myself it was a good thing, what was I doing on Sunday's anyway, and it was paying off my car.

Well the truth was, I was keeping the job out of fear, it was keeping me from working on my writing and my small businesses, and it was keeping me from spending more time with my family, relaxing, and having fun. Was it worth a car payment that my full time job could afford? Well I decided to let go of fear, and make some space in my life. I know when you let go of what no longer serves you, doors open. So I let go. I was originally planning on leaving at the end of the year, but the more days went by thinking about it, the more I wanted to go! So I gave two weeks notice, and admittedly, I still feel some fear, but I'm doing it anyway!

Til next week...

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

Monday, November 5, 2018

Human Pin Cushion In Search Of Healing

To continue the healing with my foot, I made an appointment for acupuncture this week. It is something I have never tried before, but it does lend itself to the holistic approach I am employing to alleviate the pain.  I was curious to see if it works, and looked forward to the Friday evening appointment.

Thursday and Friday I got back to my morning gym routine. I went at 6AM to work my muscles and do lots of crunches to help shrink my belly. It felt good to be back, but honestly, my foot was sore afterwards. I continued using the massager and ice to alleviate the pain, and rested it as much as possible.

I'm on the fence about the new shoes I bought. The insole has an arch that seems to scrape against my foot. It's comfortable for a little while, but I have to switch those shoes with my old shoes that have the Good Feet Store insoles in order to have a consistent level of comfort. I wish my foot felt good all the time.

I know my weight is still a major factor in all of this, but I didn't have the best week honestly. I'm not gorging myself, but I haven't been listening to my body as I was. It's so easy, I'm not sure why I let it slide. But I know I will get back on track again, this is too important.

Friday arrived and I excitedly went to my appointment. Elizabeth is sweet and soft spoken, and well versed in all things acupuncture. We had a long consultation before we began, and I told her about my weight loss goals and the issue I was having with my foot.

Elizabeth decided to use acupuncture as well as cupping in my session. I have not tried either before, but decided to give them both a whirl. I was a bit uneasy about cupping because of the bruise-like marks it leaves on a person. I wondered if it was causing any harm to the body to mark it that way.  

I changed into a gown and hopped up on the table underneath a sheet. Carefully. Elizabeth began to put the acupuncture needles on me. There were maybe two that I could actually feel. It was a pinch, but nothing serious. I really was relaxed going into this. Between the soft music in the background and my positive attitude, I wasn't expecting this to be anything but helpful. She put needles into both my hands, my stomach, my forhead, my leg, and my foot. She lowered the lights and left for me to relax for 15 minutes. I felt a little pain in my foot for a short amount of time, so I lifted my foot, put it back down gently and the pain was gone. I closed my eyes and listened to the music until she returned.

While feeling like a human pin cushion, Elizabeth removed the acupuncture needles and asked how I felt. So far so good!  Next she had me flip over and brought out the cups. She started with glass ones and I could hear her light the flame inside two of them. She placed them on the bottom of my back and it felt like it was burning me. She noted aloud, "yes, those will leave a mark." I wasn't surprised! What did surprise me later, was that it didn't feel like a burn at all. If I had not felt that or looked in the mirror at home, I never would have known they were there. Normally a burn hurts for a awhile after and is sore, these didn't feel like anything at all. So, supposedly the marks are from unwanted toxins being pulled to the surface from the suction the cupping creates. Cupping is a treatment that can help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

After using the two glass cups, she switched to silicone which were gentler. I didn't hear her lighting them, she put oil on my back and used them to glide around my back while the cups provided suction as she went along. It was kind of like having your back vacuumed. It was moving the lymph around which is also good to release toxins. 

At the end Elizabeth put magnets in my ears to help alleviate food cravings. She said they'll probably come out in the shower.

I left feeling relaxed and my foot was pain free. Will I try it again? Of course! I'm going back next week. Elizabeth is going to provide more acupuncture and cup my belly! I forgot to ask her about herbs, so we'll see what she advises next week.

See you soon...

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

Monday, October 29, 2018

Week 6: Walking A New Path

This pause in my life wasn't about a foot injury. It was to help me reawaken my creativity. It was to help me do what I came here to share with others. I don't believe our purpose necessarily needs to be tied with a job or career. Sonia Choquette told me I am a messenger, and I have thought about that. I started a clutter clearing certification course and the beginning is a deep dive into your ancestry and personal history. I answered questions on my childhood and what I wanted to be at that time. I thought back to what I did when I was younger. I was always writing, drawing, and pretending I was a teacher. When I was a teenager I was writing, and drawing. What I was meant to do, I always knew (we all do), but somehow along the way I didn't recognize that I could do something I loved for a living. Even going to an art school for college, I still didn't believe I could do it.

I have been writing more and with ease, and working on my businesses more. This six week hold on my life has brought more joy that I could have imagined. There is a blessing when something happens to stop us in our tracks, so we can reflect on our lives and immerse ourselves in the things that make us happy. Even taking a break for self care is so vital. Resting, rejuvenating, and refreshing yourself can be a lifesaver.

I started writing a children's book over this six week rest. It was something I have been holding for eight years. Yes, for eight years I couldn't give myself the time to work on this! I knew I had some notes I had written, and some sketches. I searched around my office but couldn't find them. Through Sonia Choquette's Ask Your Guides course, she teaches about all of the guides around us. I completed this course in 2016, and have used this wisdom ever since. We have "runner guides" who help us. This may sound way out there, but that's me! If you need a parking space, ask the runner guides to find one for you before you reach the store, or if you need an easier spot in line, ask (and always remember to say thank you after!). Since I couldn't find my notes, I asked for help. Within less than a minute, I had a thought to check a drawer to see if I had filed it. I found a page! I thought again to recheck that drawer, and I found a folder marketed "Writing" with pages of notes and sketches! 

What would you do if all of the things you say you "have to do" weren't in your way? I see now that I put them there. I was stopping myself from doing what I really wanted to do. It is more than ok to put yourself on your to-do list. It is vital. Don't ever leave yourself out. I certainly won't make that mistake again.

I went back to the Integrative Healing Institute on Saturday for more healing therapy. I didn't lose weight this week and I talked to Kim about my self sabotage. She treated my foot with more reflexology, which felt fantastic, as well as lymphatic drainage on my legs and chakra clearing with Reiki. When she was working at my crown chakra, I felt a wave of energy flow down my body. It really is such an exhilarating, yet completely relaxing experience! The next day my weight was down a pound and a half, too. 

I mentioned last week about Mona Lisa Schultz's book Intuitive Advisor and how it suggested seeing an acupuncturist and a Chinese herbalist. Kim brought up acupuncture during our session so I asked if they offered it, and she told me Elizabeth at the front desk is an acupuncturist and I should also ask her about herbs too! I set up an appointment for next week and I can't wait for this new experience in holistic therapy.

My foot feels so much better. It's not perfect, there's still a little bit of pain, but certainly nothing I would get six surgeries for. I'm still grateful for that visit to the podiatrist though. He got me off my feet for awhile, showed me that I am the best determiner of what to do about my health, and propelled me into a much more exciting and fulfilling future. There is something good in every experience.

I ordered some good shoes (Brooks Ariel '18) for flat  feet, plantar fascitis and other foot issues, along with exercise bands (TheraBands) to help rehabilitate my foot. I found some exercises online to help with posterior tibial tendonitis and to make my feet stronger.

Getting back into my life again, everything is changed for the better. I am not doing for others unless I have taken care of myself first. I'm not talking about emergency situations and I don't mean this at all in a selfish way, I mean it in a way that I am not using that as an excuse not to follow my dreams. 

So even though these six weeks are finished, this is only the beginning of this new path, and I will be continuing to share my journey with you.  Thank you for walking along with me.

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Book Review: The Magnolia Story by Chip & Joanna Gaines

My sister-in-law and I are huge fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines' HGTV show Fixer Upper. We even made the three hour drive to visit their Magnolia store in Waco, Texas. Their store is beautiful and they have made everything so family friendly. I visited again with a friend when it happened to be the grand opening of their bakery. Everything was so yummy! We also visited their bed and breakfast, and it was as beautiful as it appeared on the show.

When I heard they were coming out with a book, I immediately thought of my sister-in-law and bought it for her as soon as it was available. I didn't buy it for myself because I thought she would definitely enjoy it more than me, and I already had a book pile and online course load a mile long. I am also quite immersed in the spiritual theme for books as you can see from the majority of my blog reviews. My sister-in-law read the book and told me how great it was and that it was all about their lives. She asked me if I wanted to read it, and since it sounded pretty light and positive, I happily borrowed it.

The Magnolia Story is a wonderful book. First of all, I love the way it is written. It is as if you are sitting with them listening to a conversation about their lives. When Joanna is talking, the font is bold and when Chip is talking it's a lighter type face so you can tell the difference. There is an ease to the conversation as well as a palpable feeling of love and respect that they have for each other.

The sweet surprise for me was realizing that the book was truly spiritual. Joanna recognizes and is grateful for the synchonicities and steps in their journey that brought them to where they are now. You can feel her strong faith and belief in a higher power. God can have a greater plan for us than we could ever have imagined for ourselves, and when you let go of your plan, the real magic happens.

With humor and honesty they share how they met, their growing family, the kindnesses Chip shares with other people, flipping houses, how they got the show, and helping other to be successful. The don't sugar coat anything, Joanna tells of her perfectionism, and the story of Chip as a new dad will be thoroughly relatable!

This book shows a family with strong values, and how they learned along the way. It is a powerful example of never giving up, because you are closer to what you want then you think " And if we'd given up, if we'd walked away, if we'd crumbled when we were at our lowest, we would never have made it around the corner to see all of the blessings that were about to come due."

The Magnolia Story is also about realizing that everything was perfect and part of a higher plan, as is all of our lives. "We both realized quickly thereafter that this was no a fluke. It had been the story of our life together, ever since we'd met. From the very beginning. I feel like we had encountered miracle after miracle that allowed us to get by and survive. Now it was happening on a much larger scale - in hundred - thousand - dollar increments. But maybe we should have been paying attention to all those little miracles all along. We were now both out on that limb and we looked up and saw God right there with us." Are you paying attention to how your life is unfolding? This is the perfect book to open you up to your own possibilities and see how guided and held you always are.

To order the book: Click here
Magnolia Market at the Silos: Click here
Silos Baking Co.: Click here

In Gratitude & Love

Kerri Mulhern

Monday, October 22, 2018

Week Five: Re-Birth Day

Sunday was my birthday.  When I was having a brief "moment" about my age, my husband said I'm beginning again, and he was right. This is definitely a new beginning for me. I feel like I am starting everything anew.

My master plan had always been that once my kids were grown I would work full on with my businesses and writing. Although I've made some steps towards it over the years, I was putting it off fully until then. I was already working full-time at home, and I didn't want any more time to take away from my sons. I have no regrets for that decision, I wish I had even more time to spend with them. But now that I'm here, it feels different. When I was planning for a couple of decades in the future, I didn't consider that I was going to feel a little bit older! But part of that is from not taking care of myself, and not putting myself first or even in the running at all (these foot analogies come so easily without thinking). I think another piece of this is fear. Once finally faced with making that change and diving in, it can feel scary. 

These past five weeks of self care, not trying to fix everything, hanging back and letting everyone take care of themselves, and me, has been a life changer. I'm grateful that it wasn't more serious, but even more grateful that it happened so I could be forced to take a look at myself, my life and how I was neglecting myself. 

Every week before I start my new blog I think, nothing is happening, what am I going to write about? Then literally moments later a flood of new, wonderful things happen! It has happened every single time. It has shown me clearly that our needs are always taken care of and we're never alone. It isn't just about writing my blog, it's about life in general. We just need to ask, believe and receive. The help and answers might not always come in the package we expect, but we always get help, and it's always what we need. When I'm struggling with my writing, I look to the reminder I have on my desk. I have a statue representing Archangel Gabriel. Any time I ask for him to help me with my writing, so much comes to me. The writing is effortless and I am always so grateful for the help.

A few days after speaking with Sonia Choquette about my businesses and writing, a HUGE tidal wave of abundance came my way. I mean HUGE! It was something unexpected that will help me give readings to people as I had talked to her about, as well as many, many more ways to help people. It all is in line with where I have been headed, and it was a gift from the universe telling me I'm on the right path. If you start to notice the little synchronicities and signs that you are being given, it will open a floodgate. I have done this by prayer, meditation, writing in my gratitude journal daily, and saying thank you for these blessings often. I also continue to read and do courses by authors who speak the messages I am seeking. I believe this is possible for everyone. And it doesn't have to be for a spiritually-based business. We all have our gifts and reasons for coming into this world. Whatever it is that lights you up, ask for more of it. And be prepared to receive it!

Among others, I am currently working Sonia Choquette's Wake Up Your Spirit Course. Her courses are very motivational and inspiring. It gets you back in tune with yourself. I also read the Third Chakra section of Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz's book Intuitive Advisor. She described me to a T and provided helpful advice, including seeking the help of an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist for my weight issues.

Sonia's mention of my foot being about changing my path has made me feel lighter, more joyful, more positive that what I truly want is here. I feel tuned into it. I know this will happen. I just know. And I feel lighter and more energetic than I have in years.

These falls we encounter, like my foot injury are such a gift. It is not why is this happening to me, it's why is this happening FOR me. I am still giving it the rest it needs, using the massager, Epsom salt baths, meditating on its healing, and eating healthier by listening to my body. I'm down 7 1/2 pounds. It's funny how the foot seems so minor in these later blogs, but I know it was really just something to stop me in my tracks to catapult me further.

Thank you for sharing my my journey. Til next week...

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Book Review: We Consciousness by Karen Noe

On August 30, 2015 I was in my kitchen cleaning, when out of the blue Dr. Wayne Dyer popped into my head. I thought about meeting him "by chance" in 2013, and being able to thank him in person for changing my life. I finished my cleaning, went into the living room, opened up Facebook on my phone and read Doreen Virtue's post that he had passed to spirit. 

I knew my sudden thought of Wayne was his way of telling me he was in another form. There are many stories from other people who loved Wayne that are similar to mine. Amongst many tears and gratitude for all he gave in his life, I thought about his years of writing, and how I always looked forward to his next book. His books became more and more spiritual over the years, reflecting his ascension in this realm. I was sad thinking I would never read a new book from him, and then I thought, maybe somehow I would.

I learned of psychic medium, spiritual counselor, healer and author Karen Noe through following Wayne Dyer's daughters on social media. Wayne connected with Karen after his passing and had messages for his family. Karen provided profound readings to his wife and daughters, giving "without a doubt" messages from Wayne. When I heard about this, I started following Karen Noe on Facebook and Instagram, and I hoped somehow Wayne would write a book through her.

We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths For Inner And Outer Peace is the book I was hoping for! Karen Noe has channeled Wayne Dyer and the higher consciousness he... well...hangs out with, called the We Guides. The We Guides include Jesus, St. Francis, Lao Tzu and many others. Wayne had a huge affinity for St. Francis, and I recall one of his trips to Assisi where he was lecturing in the church and felt overcome at one point by St. Francis' spirit. He spent a year living the Tao, and his resulting book "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life reflect the path he walked honoring the teachings of Lao Tzu. He has quoted A Course In Miracles which is said to be channeled teachings of Jesus, and ended all of his lectures with one of the quotes "You can be a host to God, or a hostage to your ego." I can also see how Karen Noe is connected to all of this too. She felt a close connection to Wayne's teachings as well as a deep tie to St. Francis. She is a huge lover of animals, and believes in being an instrument of peace.

Wayne came to Karen on a New Years Eve while she was in an altered state of consciousness, and told her that she would be channeling a book not just from Wayne, but also St. Francis, ascended masters, and angels. They would be sharing 33 Profound Truths of the We Consciousness. This was helping Karen accomplish her mission on Earth, to spread the message of peace with the world.

The book begins with the 33 Profound Truths and a short explanation of each. This alone will raise your vibration, but Karen includes many chapters on how to make yourself an instrument of peace. It is truly a beautiful book, and shows how each of us can lift the vibration of the planet in how we treat ourselves and others.

We Consciousness also includes a question and answer section with Wayne. I love this part, if feels like you are sitting down with Wayne for a chat. There are also stories from his daughters and wife, prayers for peace, quotes on peace, and organizations & websites for peace.

This is a much needed book on this planet right now, and I am so grateful to Karen Noe for being an example of peace and for opening her heart to hearing the continuing wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer and the We Guides. And I am most grateful that Karen is sharing it with all of us.

To reach Karen Noe: Click here
To buy We Consciousness: Click here
For many of Wayne Dyer's books: Click here
Dr. Wayne Dyer's website: Click here

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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