Tuesday, July 1, 2014

An Open Letter Of Gratitude To Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Dear Dr. Dyer,

Last year an intention I had set came true.  Understanding intention, the power behind our thoughts, and so many wonderful life lessons were all taught to me through your writing and lectures. I want to share my experience, express my sincere gratitude, and thank you again for changing my life.

Through reading your books, listening to your CD's, enjoying your movie The Shift, listening to your weekly show on Hay House Radio, and watching you over the years on PBS, I had such a desire (an intention) to see you in person. I wanted to thank you for transforming my life. I kept thinking how can I get to see you? I work and have two boys to raise. How would I get to New York, California or my dream Maui?! I was checking your tour schedule and there it was! It presented itself to me! I had the vision of it, but I didn't expect that for the first time, I Can Do It would be in Austin! It was only an hour away! What a miracle! I was so excited to make the trip. My husband was very supportive and happy for me, because he knows what you mean to me.

I ordered the tickets very quickly and didn't know that Hay House had a hotel selected.  I looked for accommodations closest to the venue, and the first place I tried to book was sold out. Wasn't it a miracle that I ended up choosing the very hotel that was for Hay House, without even knowing it?! Oh those synchronicities just kept coming!

I drove up envisioning an opportunity not only to see you in person, but to thank you for everything you've done to make my life joyful, peaceful and loving. When I arrived at the venue the next morning, I found a nice seat about 5 rows back from the stage. I thought, this is perfect.  I sat down and an usher came over to escort a woman that was having issues walking. One of them mentioned something about seats up front, but she just wanted to sit immediately. I asked if there were still seats up there, and the usher said yes! I went to the first row and I asked one of the ladies if anyone had that empty seat, and one of them said "Yes, we've been saving it for you!" I was just expecting to envelope myself in the warmth and joy of the whole experience, but what I was presented with was four new friends and one of the best seats in the house! It all just kept unfolding beautifully.

Seeing you in person and listening to your divine voice was magic (of course!)! I just could not believe I was sitting there with you a few feet in front of me! Even though I had envisioned it in my mind, I was in such awe to realize I was actually living it! What a wonderful experience. Your daughter sings like an angel! It all was glorious! There were many miracles happening around me. I was talking to one of the ladies about your "I Am" CD for manifesting, and then you handed it right to her!

I started getting to know to all of the women next to me during the breaks, and learned that the lady (Estella) you handed the CD to, also came to the event by herself.  It turned out that she was staying at the same hotel and had taken a cab to the auditorium.  I felt the need to be kind (how can you not feel kind in a room full of love?) and asked her if she would like a ride back to the hotel. She was very happy for the offer and when we got to the hotel, I offered her a ride to the venue for the Sunday session.  We decided to meet up the next morning very early so we could try to get the same seats again for us and our 3 new friends.

So here is where the bells ring, the clouds part and Dr. Wayne Dyer appears floating on angels wings...ok that may sound dramatic, but what actually happened felt more amazing that that! Estella and I met in the lobby early Sunday morning. We decided to have a muffin and coffee before heading to the auditorium. Less than 5 minutes after sitting down, there you were coming off the elevator walking my way. My jaw hit the floor.  You were stopped for a moment by a couple who were also in awe.

I knew you were on your way out (dropping off a letter at the front desk first, I think) and I didn't want to bother you.  But there you were! I couldn't help myself. I looked up and said "Dr. Dyer, I know you're busy, but could I trouble you for a picture?" And you said "Of course!" I handed my camera to Estella, who was a stranger less than 24 hours prior, but was now witnessing my miracle.  I had so much in my mind that I wanted to say to you, but I was in such shock, I'm not even sure I sounded human.  My thank you’s were so minor to what I was feeling in my heart. It just couldn't all come out. 

What struck me the most in meeting you was when you looked me in the eyes. A wave of pure love washed over me. I have never felt such love in my life.  I felt understood, seen, whole, and loved in just a split second.  I could never be able to put into words what that meant to me, but I thank you with all my heart for being so kind, so gracious, so you! (And I must admit, being snuggled up next to you for the picture was pretty spectacular too!) You are love and I will be forever grateful for all you have done to put me on such a beautiful path in life.

After you walked away I burst into tears. It was so amazing to think about how many unexpected things happened to cause this "chance" encounter. Estella and I were both overwhelmed and overjoyed. She was the one you gave the I Am CD to, and now she got to meet you and thank you too!

I know after that weekend, that you gave over 2,000 miracles. All of the people in those seats had an experience,  their own experience, their own magic. It was no less important than mine. And from those 2,000 miracles, they are spread over and over again, because what you teach becomes what we live.

Thank you Dr. Dyer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With Love and Gratitude,


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