Thursday, February 14, 2019

Healing Hands

After my Reiki I certification, I went through 21 days of Reiki. Every morning before I got out of bed, I did Reiki on myself along with chakra balancing. It was a great way to practice and to experience Reiki fully. I found that things that normally would have annoyed me didn't. This included the salsa jar I opened that exploded all over myself, the kitchen counter, the walls, and the towels. It made me laugh instead of scream! 

I noticed synchronicities and lessons became more vivid and obvious. I am one who notices the signs the universe is providing us with, and Reiki helped them be more clear, and sometimes just so over the top. It was wonderful!

Reiki does wonders for anxiety, as does meditation. It has become a beautiful addition to my daily self care. It helps on so many levels of healing, but I have been so grateful for how much it calms me. 

I spent the two months in between my Reiki I and Reiki II classes healing myself, giving Reiki to my houseplants, and my sweet cat Scar. I really wasn't feeling confident yet to work on other people, I wanted the Reiki II class before I started that, as I knew I would be learning more about healing, symbols, and would have another attunement. But I did find one person to at least practice a little bit on. They were helping me as a kindness, wasn't a believer in this form of healing at all. But I appreciated the help because at least I could practice and feel better about working on people in the Reiki II class. 

When I worked on this person I felt nervous at first honestly. But as I continued up her body, I felt more and more relaxed. It seemed like she was too! When I got up to her head and finished, I started to remove my hands. With her eyes still closed, she waved her hands repeatedly towards her head and asked me to put them back! She kept saying "I need to get back, I need to get back." I was stunned. Reiki doesn't make you psychic, so it's not that I can tell what the person is feeling or thinking. I can feel heat in my hands, tingling, and I'm sure as I continue to use Reiki, my intuition and senses will become more pronounced and active. I could tell something was happening, but I didn't know what. 

Afterwards, the person told me that she could see a valley and in the middle was a blue light shaped like an hourglass. She just wanted to get to the light to see what it was. I could feel it was a spiritual experience, and this was when I truly felt the power of Reiki. I have healing hands! I don't mean this from an egoic level. Reiki is flowing through me, I'm not doing the healing, Reiki is. I'm a conduit for healing, a grateful conduit. My teacher Kim told us that even if someone doesn't believe in Reiki, it works anyway. And this certainly proved it! And it was something I needed as much as she did. I really needed to know if Reiki would flow through me. It was a gift for both of us, and I am grateful to my friend who let me practice, to Reiki, and to my teacher Kim.

Reiki can heal on all levels, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. There doesn't need to be a dramatic event such as my friend had. As a matter of fact, some people don't feel anything at all during Reiki, but it still is healing. It does not replace a doctor, a needed surgery, or medication, but it can certainly compliment them. It is tapping into universal life force energy that is available and is in all of us. and all around us. It is love.

I am so grateful that my spiritual journey has led me to this path of healing. I'll be sharing my Reiki II experience in my next blog. I am grateful to you all for sharing this with me too.

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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