Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mr. Martin And The Dragonfly - A Reading With Karen Kubicko

Buckle up everyone, this one is going to be quite a ride!

I believe with all my heart that what you think about will appear in your life. When I meditate in the morning, one of my intentions is to be able to see, hear and feel my angels and spirit guides. So, of course, a beautiful Earth angel named Karen Kubicko came onto my path to get me closer to them.

I had the honor of being introduced to the author of Life Is Just Another Class through social media. I am currently reading her amazing book about her journey through past life regression. It's fascinating to hear about the variety of lives she's led and what lessons she's learned from them. I am pretty riveted to this book and will be posting a blog review soon. 

My interest was peaked into past life regression after hearing Dr. Brian Weiss speak at an HayHouse I Can Do It! event in Austin in 2013. He's written Many Lives, Many Masters among others and also has many regression CD's available. Karen was actually regressed on stage by him at one of his events!

So along with her journey through regression, Karen can also see angels and spirit guides. She offered to do a reading for me and I could hardly contain my excitement! Such a wonderful opportunity! I have never had a reading before, but as books, people and opportunities keep showing up, they seem to be guiding me towards the next step on this exhilarating spiritual journey, and I say yes fearlessly.

After we scheduled a time to talk, a million questions to ask ran through my head: business, family, finances and more. Then I thought of everything I have ever done wrong: that tired and old "I'm not worthy" reel I play in my head sometimes. Then I realized the angels are loving and they wouldn't see me as harshly as I do. Many, many thoughts continued to circle. Finally I prayed and meditated on it. I asked for the reading to reveal what is in the highest good for myself and everyone. Expectation and self-bashing were released so I could be fully present in this upcoming experience.

Just before our call, I sat on the floor in my office, lit an Archangel Michael candle and said a prayer. I placed a rose that my son had picked for me next to it, along with some heart-shaped precious stones. I had a notebook and pen in hand and made my call to Karen. She was so lovely over the phone, just as our Instagram conversations had been. She told me I was bright (as in light) and it made me feel very happy. My goal is to radiate light, love, joy, peace and kindness. I am a work in progress, but that is where I'm headed. 

Karen told me her readings usually are 20-45 minutes. It was so nice to actually speak with 
her and we ended up talking for over 2 hours! She is definitely a teacher and I see her on a Hay House stage very soon. She taught me all about how she sees everything. I don't want to give all of that away since you can read it in her book or set up a personal reading with her. Visit her blog for more info at: www.karenkubicko.wordpress.com.

She told me I have 15 spirit guides - quite a team to watch over me, I'd say! She sees them in rows of 5 to the right of me. The first row are my council members and behind me are my angels. There are 5 including Archangel Michael (I hadn't told her about the candle, but I hope he likes it!), but that number can increase or decrease. We can call on them whenever we need them. 

Karen told me that one of my spirit guides is a business man in a brownish-grey tweed suit. He was originally from England. What is interesting about this, is that I have always had an affinity for England. That is something I haven't shared with anyone. It isn't part of my heritage, I'm Irish and Italian. That pull towards England has been there, but I didn't know why. So this businessman from England traveled to the U.S. in the early 1800's to make a life. He met his wife here. I was his daughter. We actually had 5 lifetimes together. He called himself Mr. Martin. He was very proper, Karen told me, and that was probably what I called him, instead of dad. He was wearing a green shirt which represents the heart chakra. He is healing his heart as well as mine. She said I had 3 lifetimes with him in which I passed away under 10. 

She paid particular attention to a lifetime with him that I passed away at 7. She asked me if there was something life threatening that happened to me in this lifetime at 7. I told her I had my appendix taken out at that age. I remember that day, I thought I just had a stomach ache. I remember my mom taking me to see Dr. Williams, my pediatrician (also the son of the poet William Carlos Williams). The next thing I knew, I was being taking to the hospital for emergency surgery. According to Karen, the thing I needed to overcome in this lifetime was feeling love from my parents. That is my lesson. She said if I had not felt loved, I would have died.

Mr. Martin apologized to me through her and said he was sorry for being detached emotionally. Karen next asked if I had a stick pin. The first thing that came to mind, was a dragonfly pin I bought quite a few years ago on a business trip to New York City. I went to my favorite museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and bought it from the gift shop. I always wore it to business meetings and conferences on my suit jackets. She told me it was a gift from him and he has done this for me in previous lifetimes too. I thought it was pretty sweet that I chose to wear it just for business and he was a businessman. 

Mr. Martin told me through Karen, that he loved me through all of the lifetimes. He asked for my forgiveness. I cried through that part of the reading. There has always been a part of me throughout my whole life that felt unloved. It's not that I didn't have loving people in my life, there was something inside of me that never felt worthy, never felt important enough to deserve it, but I didn't know why. Whether you believe in past lives or not, I can tell you this experience has had a profound effect on me. I felt healed from that feeling of being unworthy. I felt loved. And I am extremely grateful to Karen for bringing me such an unexpected message. It was overwhelming on so many levels and I cried several times the rest of the day and next. It wasn't because I was sad, I felt free. Thank you Karen, what a gift!

She also told me to ask for signs of their presence any time. She said I could ask for feathers, numbers and then she hesitated for a moment. They mentioned smiley faces to her! She said we can ask for a sign from our angels, guides and even departed loved ones. She suggested I could ask for dragonflies from Mr. Martin. 

In my last blog I wrote about seeing don Miguel Ruiz and don Miguel Ruiz Jr. at a local church. This was 4 days before I spoke with Karen. The event took place on the day Karen's book arrived in the mail to me. First of all, I switched my original seat before the event started. A woman that ended up doing the same thing sat down next to me. Her name was Karen, and I'm Kerri. We also found out that the two women next to us were named Karen and Kerri. That was quite a coincidence! In the blog I wrote about heading into the church and one of the greeters searching endlessly through a pile of stickers to place on my hand as a sign I was in the preferred seating section. It really stuck out in my mind because she really took awhile to find what she wanted. The day after my reading with Karen, I decided to clean up the papers from my handbag that I had left on my dining room table. I saw the flyer I was handed at the church and was going to read it quick and throw it in the trash. Then I noticed the sticker from my hand that I had placed on it...

For me, those were signs that my angels and spirit guides were around. That evening was magical in many ways that I could not have imagined. Every time that I pray and release expectation, amazing things happen.

After finding the sticker on the flyer, I did my morning meditation and prayer. I asked Mr. Martin if he really was around, to please show me a dragonfly sign. I finished and got in my car and waited for my son to finish getting ready for school and hop in. I looked out the window, and on my neighbor's porch was this...

Thank you dear Karen Kubicko. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you angels, thank you spirit guides, thank you Mr. Martin. 

More to follow on my reading in an upcoming blog! Click on any of the links in the blog to go directly to the websites and books mentioned.

In Gratitude and Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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