Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 The Best Year Ever!

Why will 2017 be the best year ever? Because every year to me is the best year ever! It really is a matter of attitude, and how you choose to see things. I choose to be grateful and to see the unlimited potential in the year ahead. My mind is bursting with ideas of what I want to accomplish this year. I'm going to list them, but I will have no regrets if I can't get to them all. My mind seems to have a lot more energy than my body at times! And who knows what other opportunities and adventures will present themselves this year?

So here we go!

ACIM - I started January 1st with something I have been wanting to dive into for a long time. I finally ordered A Course In Miracles (ACIM), and Hollie Holden decided to start a Facebook group called Presence of Love Study Group to support anyone wanting to do the course together. It was a perfect opportunity, so I joined the group and am up to Lesson 3. It is so easy to do, and I so look forward to beginning every morning with this inspiring experience to return to love. If you are interested in learning more, join her page, you can start the course any time.

Learning - I am finishing up the the last two weeks of the Ask Your Guides course by Sonia Choquette. Oh my goodness, I can not wait to tell you all about it. I just had another incredible experience yesterday getting to know specific guides, their vibrations, names, and signs from them. It was just magic and proved to me undeniably that we are never alone! 

My next courses will be Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body by Denise Linn, 21 Days To Glorious, Fabulous Abundance (it's a great course I started awhile back and will finish!) and Doreen Virtues Certified Realm Reader course. So much fun, I just love to learn!

Reading - I will also be reading quite a bit this year (as always!). I'm finishing up Nancy Levin's Worthy and Denise Linn's Past Lives Present Miracles. Great books, and I'll be blogging about them of course. I have a bookshelf filled with more to read too. I want to continue learning about spirituality, growth, abundance, and I love autobiographies also.

Healthy Weight - I am going to reach my goal weight in the summer. I've lost 17 1/2 pounds and am on the road to better health!

Exercise - I used to exercise quite a bit and got off track last year. I have already started incorporating this back into my day, and will be getting back to the gym too! Yoga will also be a big part of this.

Garden Sanctuary - it's been a challenge getting plants to grow in the Texas heat, but my goal this year is to really create a beautiful sanctuary in our yard.

Clutter Clearing - I have started this, but I will make sure I get through the entire house this year. It feels good to clear the stagnant energy and welcome the new! Let the Chi flow!

Joy & Fun - I will be spending more time in the present, being joyful, spending time with my family, friends and enjoying life!

Getting Me Outta Here - I plan to get out more during the week. I work from home, which means spending anywhere from 45-65 hours a week indoors. Whether I take my laptop to an internet cafe, actually take a lunch break and go for a walk in the park nearby, or do something outdoors after work, I will definitely be breaking up my routine. The weekends will include excursions as well. I started getting out more on the weekends last year and will continue this trend!

Sanctuary Everywhere! - I've learned about creating an altar, creating a sacred space. I have that in my bedroom, and I love it. I meditate and pray there and it's quite beautiful. I also created an abundance altar in my office, and I have some sacred items on another table. One corner of my couch is another meditation spot, and I feel a beautiful, relaxing presence there. My car has spiritual & religious items in it, and has become a sanctuary for prayer. I really want that sacred space to be everywhere around me, for everyone. So, my goal is to make our entire home (inside and out) sacred. What that means to me, is that is gives off a peaceful, loving, welcoming vibration. I want all those who live here, as well as those who enter, and those who leave our home to feel love.

Prayer/Meditation/Gratitude - These have been a life changer for me, and I will continue with them. I want to bump my meditation up to twice a day, and be more consistent with my gratitude journal. I also want to keep the dialogue always open with my spirit guides (so when you catch me talking to myself, that's why!).

Writing - Once I actually sit down to write, it's so easy, so second nature. I want to continue to write from the heart because I truly enjoy it, and I feel like it's one of the things I'm supposed to be doing in this lifetime.

Suitable Gifts - I plan to continue to learn, create more products, reach more people, and grow this business I love so much. Suitable Gifts is my way to spread love, kindness, peace and joy. I also have a cat site (I love cats!) which I will reveal later this year (website and products still need a bit of work and organizing). I plan to get out more in the public with more shows, and attract more attention to this business through publicity. I want to get my YouTube channel moving along (like posting my first video!), and either starting a newsletter or at least sending out some emails to my email list.

Kindness...Pass It On Mission - I have so many ideas for this as well. I would like to put together Kindness Kits this year for the homeless, seniors, kids in the hospital, and kids who are hungry (possibly through schools). I am looking forward to making the Kindness...Pass It On Mission grow to help more!

Abundance - I plan to create more abundance in my life not just financially, but in friendships, relationships, love, kindness, joy, time, and more!

Past Life Regression - Oh I am so interested in past lives! I already had two readings where I learned about several of my past lives, but I want to discover them for myself. I am reading Denise's past life book as mentioned above, as well as listening to several of Dr. Brian Weiss' past life regression audios. This will be a fun year of exploration, and I can't wait to see what I discover and resolve in my current life!

Art - This is one of the things I love, but get intimidated to do. I have a ton of art supplies ready, and I'm diving in again so I feel like the artist I used to. Here we go!

Travel Goals - I have been wanting to do some serious travel since I was in my 20's. I kept pushing it aside, but I am going to start setting some goals for the places I want to see: Ireland, Scotland, Italy, England, France, and so much more. There are so many spiritual sites I want to see: Assisi, Lourdes, Pietrelcina (Padre Pio), to name a few.

Wishing for you, all you desire for the New Year and even better! Expect this to be the best year ever and your thoughts (then actions) will create it! Share below what your plans are for the New Year!

*Click on any of highlighted words in the blog for the books, courses, and more information!

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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