Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Magic And Deepak Chopra

Oh the joy of being able to see one of your spiritual heroes in person! The first time I met Deepak Chopra was in 2015 and I was so looking forward to seeing him again. 

As I always do, I prayed in my car on the drive to the venue. I expressed my gratitude and prayed for a sense of calm and peace when I would met Deepak at the meet and greet. I asked for a lovely evening and to remain fully present. I do this to practice gratitude, to remember my spirit, and acknowledge the fact that I (and all of us) are always supported by the universe. When I am in this state of recognition, magical things always happen too. I don't expect anything, other than knowing that all will be well, and that is more than enough. The truth is, the magic is always there for all of us, but living in a state of gratitude makes you more aware of it.

I arrived at the Tobin Center early, and parked in a small lot that I've used before. I got out and saw half of the lot closed off. There was a police officer there, so I asked if I could park where I was. He said no, they were using it for valet service that evening, but I could park right across the street. He pointed to a spot in front of a construction sign, just behind a row of parking meters, and before a fire hydrant. He said I would be plenty of feet away from the hydrant. I walked back to my car and saw a butterfly at my feet. Butterflies are always a beautiful sign for me, I always thing of Dr. Wayne Dyer, and I know good things are to come. Magic.

The kind officer didn't know my rudimentary parking skills, and when I drove to the spot across from where he was standing, I chickened out and drove around the corner. I came back around, and while he was standing in the street. I rolled down my window and smiled "I got scared," I laughed. "I saw that!" He smiled and assured me again that it was fine to park there. So over to the same spot I went, grateful and trusting in the universe. A free parking spot for the night...magic!

I walked around the corner to the entrance of the Tobin Center, and was able to walk into the vestibule to wait until they opened the doors. There was an older woman waiting too, so I said hello and we chatted a bit (I'll call her Lois for this story). Soon her companion, who I'll call Shawn, joined her and we all continued to chat. It was interesting listening to them. Lois was talking about past events she had been to and wanted to know what to expect at this meet and greet. I told her how it went the last time I met him and she seemed surprised that there wasn't more to it. I was pretty happy just to meet him. I have been to smaller meet and greets that are more intimate, but Deepak is widely known, so I consider him visiting our city quite a treat. She was prepared, really prepared. She brought Sharpies, tape, a journal for her friend, and had actually printed photos of Deepak for him to sign. She reached into the folder in her handbag and told me she had extras and gave me one! Magic! 

Shawn mentioned that we shouldn't have Deepak personalize what he signs because it's not as valuable. He planned to sell if afterwards. Admittedly, my eyes rolled in my mind when he said that. They both talked about other events they've gone to and how they couldn't get elbow room where they sat and this time one of them had an end seat. They were contemplating how this would be tonight. I started thinking about my choice of seating, I purposely picked the center of the first row, just to be as close as I could be. It seemed like a great idea! There were aspects of this woman that so reminded me of me, the times when I got so caught up in being in control of how things would be, instead of just enjoying the moment and letting the universe take over. After all, as Deepak's book says: You Are The Universe, so why not expect it all to be great?! I don't mean any of this as a judgement, because in each of them, I saw me. Even Shawn with his interpretation of value. It's not good or bad, and it's all my perception of the evening, theirs would be totally different, as would someone observing the three of us. They both offered a reflection of some aspect of myself, and I appreciated it, and them.

When we were finally allowed into the venue, I walked up to the book table, picked up You Are The Universe, and paid for it straight away, no line. Magic! Then I started to walk towards the door where the meet and greet was. A woman was slightly ahead of me, and she seemed shy and stopped to let me go. I told her to go ahead. We walked down a small, dark hallway and when we reached the end, we were the first in line! Magic! 

Lois and Shawn were soon behind me and Lois was frantically trying to figure out how everyone would take photos of each other, she was organizing and contemplating and organizing some more. I was reminded again of how many times I've tried to make the experience "perfect," but things have been much better when I let it happen. I still picture things in my mind, and honestly, the reality is usually quite close or better. You know that whole law of attraction thing, it really does work. Expect the best always. But, it's ok for me now if it doesn't work out that way, which is a big improvement for me.

I offered to take some photos for the quiet woman in front of me, but as soon as I stepped out to help, there were two people assisting at the event to do that for all of us. It was a really kind gesture, and it made things so much easier to spend a moment to ourselves with Deepak Chopra. The gentleman who took the photos on our cameras was super generous, giving all of us almost a dozen photos each! Magic!

The first time I met Deepak two years ago, I thanked him for introducing my son to meditation through his 21-day meditation series with Oprah Winfrey. I gave him a t-shirt I had made with sanskrit writing for "I am love," and I told him that's what he was. I also asked him for a quick selfie together and he obliged!  This time I approached the table and told him that I had the honor to meet him in 2015, and since I was meeting him again today, that meant we were friends. We both laughed. I thanked him for teaching me to meditate and for being a profound spiritual teacher. I told him that I hoped he had as great an evening as all of us would be having. He was quiet and kind, signed my book and photo, and I left the room grateful for the opportunity. Magic!

I went back to the lobby with plenty of time before the lecture started, so I got a glass of champagne. Well not a glass actually, it was in a plastic cup with a lid...and a straw. Maybe I'm not meant to be classy. I found my initial friends from the vestibule and thanked Lois again for her kind gesture in giving me the photo. 

The theater doors soon opened and I walked to my seat. It was perfect, first row center, so close I could touch the stage with my feet if I extended them. I sat down and said hi to the woman next to me. She was my twin. I smiled to myself as I saw her dressed as I was last time I met Deepak. She had a suit jacket on and a t-shirt from her business, just like I had done. She was really sweet (of course, she's my twin!), and told me that she had thanked Deepak and had given him one of her shirts as I had done previously. I didn't mention any of the similarities to her. I didn't want it to be a "yeah me too" moment, which can sound a bit unbelievable. She was a reiki master and founder of a local monthly spiritual venue that I've been interested in being a vendor at. It was very cool to meet someone that taught reiki as it is on my to-do list to be certified. Best of all, she was very kind and great to chat with, and our goal for the evening was the same - to enjoy the teachings of this brilliant man.

The lecture was wonderful, he was clever, funny, intelligent...he was Deepak Chopra! He talked scientifically and spirituality about living a healthy life. He included information on the benefits of meditation, eating well, getting enough sleep, Earthing and more. He discussed different herbs to lower inflammation in the body such as black pepper, cardamom, cayenne, chamomile, ginger, and turmeric to name a few. He ended the lecture with a beautiful meditation. It was a relaxing way to end a lovely evening.

After the event I walked back to my car, no ticket, all was good! There was no waiting in line to leave, I just drove straight home. Magic! I said a prayer of gratitude for a wonderful night. I arrived at home and excitedly told my husband about the event, grabbed some water and headed up to bed with my book and signed photo tucked inside. After I changed for bed, I looked at the photo and part of the signature was smeared. Gah! The smeared part was transferred to my hand. I must have gotten water from the side of my glass on my hand and hit the photo right where the signature was. My temporary frustration reminded me of Lois and Shawn and the quest for perfection Maybe that was my lesson tonight, to let go even more. It was still all magic. It's kind of clever how the universe pointed that lesson out with a "magic" marker!

In Gratitude & Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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