Thursday, May 19, 2016

An Inspiring Night With don Miguel Riuz Jr. & don Miguel Ruiz Sr.

As I delve more into the spiritual and inspirational world, more opportunities towards it come into my awareness. But that's really how it all works if you're paying attention to it. What you focus on, is what you attract into your life. so keep those thoughts on what you really want, and let go of what you don't want. 

A couple of months ago, I decided to start following more spiritual events pages on Facebook. One of them was Insight Events USA. They posted "Mastery of Self with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and Sr. in Austin and San Antonio! How exciting! don Miguel Ruiz Sr, is of course, the author of The Four Agreements. I have seen him interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and I found him to be so authentic, kind and loving. His son don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is also an author, and the evening was about his new book The Mastery of Self. I couldn't believe they were coming to my city, so I ordered a ticket right away before it was sold out. I chose "preferred seating" so I would sit as close as possible. I figured I could end up sitting 50 rows back, but I didn't mind. It would be such an honor to see them in person! I knew I would have a wonderful time.

I honestly don't mind going to these events alone. These are a real treat for me, and if my friends that love this sort of thing lived closer, I would invite them in a heartbeat. But I am happy just going to enjoy the event. I also know by now, that I always end up meeting new people anyway.

When the night arrived, I decided to get there early. I had googled where it was being held beforehand: Unity Church of San Antonio. It appeared much smaller than I was expecting. I was expecting someting like Cornerstone Church, which is ginourmous. Oh happy day! I was thrilled!!! This was going to be an intimate atmosphere. As I drove, and as I often do, I said a prayer in the car. My prayer was to feel calm, to be present, and to fully enjoy this magical evening. 

I walked into the vestibule of the church and was greeted by two lovely women who helped find my name on the list. One of the women started leafing through layers of stickers to find me the right one. It really stuck out in my mind, because it took her awhile to find the one she wanted (and it later became even more significant as you will see in my next blog about my angelic reading with Karen Kubicko). She placed the sticker on my hand and I proceeded up the aisle to find a seat. 

I first sat down in the first row on the right side of the church, and was in awe of how close I would be to them. There were two people sitting on the left side in the front row and I noticed that the seats don Miguel Ruiz Sr. and don Miguel Ruiz Jr. would be sitting in were on that side. Since there was so much time to spare, I got up and sat next to them. I was now sitting two feet in front of where these inspirational men would be sitting. I took a picture of the chairs while my mouth was agape. Tim (who drove 3 hours from Corpus Christi) and his friend Denise (from San Antonio), introduced themselves to me. They were very nice.

I posted on my Suitable Gifts Instagram page the picture of the chairs, because I was so over-the-moon excited and so grateful to be almost in the laps of these divine souls. Then a lovely lady named Karen sat next to me. She was just as excited as I was, and we both enjoyed the comradery and what was about to unfold before us. See? There's always wonderful people to meet at these events. 

Next I heard a buzz on my phone. It was a notification from don Miguel Ruiz Jr. that they were on the way! He saw my Instagram post and responded! OMG! How much better could this get?! My mouth was agape again, and I was probably rocking and drooling in shock at this point.

I noticed Tim had walked away and came back with some books, so I went back up to the vestibule and saw that they set up a table. I bought don Miguel Ruiz Jr.'s The Mastery of Self. The book wasn't released yet, and it was what the evening would be focused on. I sat back down and my phone buzzed again. don Miguel Ruiz Jr. sent me another message that they had arrived! So exciting! Magic is just everywhere.

It was a tad warm in the room and I watched as the staff kept adjusting the thermostats. Even all the ceiling fans weren't cooling things down. Soon they arrived and it was just amazing to see them in person and so close. don Miguel Ruiz Sr. sat at the end of my row so his son could speak first. It was so delightful to see how loving they are to each other. So many hugs, such a beautiful family. It was heartwarming to look over at Sr. and see him smiling and enjoying his son speak. Jr. was funny, kind, loving, compassionate and poignant. Even with the air becoming increasingly stifling, he was riveting. He talked about saying "yes," about being who we really are and not who we were conditioned to be. He gave incredible insights into how we think about what's real, and even included Tim and Denise in his demonstrations! He told a beautiful story about his uncle and shared the love he has for his family. 

After an hour, there was a 10-minute break. Karen had noticed a water jar in the front of the church, so she got up to get a drink. She came back with two bottles of water for us. She saved me from turning into a pillar of salt. There was an announcement apologizing for the heat, but one of the AC units was literally smoking. There were water bottles for everyone. But who really cares about the heat with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and don Miguel Ruiz Sr. in the house?! I wasn't moving for anything, I would have accepted a salt pillar fate for the night to continue.

During the break, several people swarmed Jr. to sign his book. He was gracious and loving, signing books, smiling, hugging, kissing. It was beautiful to watch. Sr. took a seat on the stage and a few people started to approach. I started to get in the small line, but at that point his publisher intercepted since they were set to speak again.

I sat down and Sr. took the stage after a big hug from Jr. He was as lovely and eloquent as I had seen him on Super Soul Sunday. What an honor and a blessing to see him in person. He expanded on Jr.'s talk and left us all in awe and gratitude.

After about a half hour of speaking, he handed the stage back to his son, again with an enormous hug. Soon afterwards, he left. I was hoping to have said hello, but I could understand, given the heat, why he would leave. Jr. explained about his heart transplant in 2010, which I had known about. What I didn't know was that in 2014 his body started rejecting it, and he has to be careful being around people with his weakened immune system.  I felt so sad for that, such a beautiful soul. I wish he didn't have to endure that. His commitment to continue spreading his message in spite of it, is beyond inspiring. Those that have a message to tell from the universe, have a will and might beyond human ability and comprehension.

Jr. talked some more and it was, of course, beautiful. It was a wonderful night and we all stood and applauded when he finished. He then said he would sign all of our books! I wasn't expecting that, but I jumped right in line! When it was my turn, he gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek,. So incredibly loving to every single person there. It is such a blessing to be in the presence of such love. I could feel it from both of them. There ARE love. And they don't care if it is someone they never met before, or will ever see again. They treat everyone with love. 

I asked if we could take a selfie, and without hesitation he said yes! I asked him if he actually managed his Instagram account and he said yes. It truly was the night of yes! I told him I had posted the picture of the chairs and I thanked him for responding. He gave me an extra hug and kiss for that! I received a ton of hugs and kisses from this kind soul and he also signed my book. I thanked him for all that he does to help all of us. More hugs and kisses! 

When I was finished I looked down the aisle at the long line and thought how wonderful it is that he will make everyone feel as special as he did to me. Even in the heat, even though it will take a while, he will be love to all. What a gift. I stayed so I could take some pictures for Karen. If I didn't get a selfie, I would want someone to help me out, and her camera wasn't working so good on her phone that night. She mentioned seeing the selfie I took and said how great it came out. My first comment was "well, he looks adorable, but not me!" Then after I took pictures of her and we sat down, it was her turn to tear herself apart. I thought she looked beautiful. I didn't realize what I did to myself, until I heard her do the same. I would never see someone the way that I saw myself, so why would I ever treat myself that way?

When I got home I sent her the pictures and told her that there was not one part of her that wasn't beautiful. She had the same realization on the drive home that I had. We just spent an evening learning about loving our real selves, and our first impulse was not to. But that was the break though. That was the lesson. And it was well received. We both got it thanks to an inspiring night with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and don Miguel Ruiz Sr. Much love to you both. xoxo

I am currently reading The Mastery of Self by don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and will be posting a blog review soon! It's available on the Bookstore on my site or at this link: The Mastery of Self

In Gratitude and Love,

Kerri Mulhern

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