Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Book Review: Angels - How to See, Hear and Feel Your Angels by Kyle Gray

I learned of Kyle Gray through one of Robert Holden's weekly shows on Hayhouseradio. I began following him on Facebook and Instagram, and was eager to read one of his books. One day on Facebook he mentioned that he was putting 30 signed copies of Angels - How to See, Hear and Feel Your Angels for sale on his website. I hurried to his site and was thrilled to purchase one just in time!

When my Angel book arrived from Scotland, I was grateful for the message inscribed from the author: "The angels want you to know that you are a huge force of love. There is so much goodness within it. Even though you many not see it - but they do! Let heaven guide you on the journey to self-love! <3 Kyle"

As I have been adding more and more time for myself to relax, I found that warm, candlelit baths with epsom salt, along with a cup of chamomile tea are quite wonderful. What better book to take along with me than Angels? I affectionately refer to my reading of this book as "Bath time with Kyle," since the entire book was read in the bathtub! These evenings were pure indulgence for me. Such a beautiful book, written from the heart. So much information, and worded such, that even an angel newbie like me could grasp.

Kyle takes us through the different types of angels, archangels, meeting our guardian angel, seeing, hearing and feeling angels, prayers, affirmations and more. The prayers and affirmations are beautiful, and as I read via candlelight, the bath become a sanctuary. It was luminous, spiritual, heavenly. 

I enjoyed learning how Kyle began on his beautiful path of connecting with the angels. He shows us how angels can help us in different aspects of our life: happiness, abundance, guidance, protection and more. We just need to allow them to help. Kyle also provides meditations, exercises and summarizes each chapter. 

He teaches us how to cleanse our energy through exercise, yoga and more. Perfect for my bathtime ritual, I also learned that a Himalayan Salt bath makes for an excellent detox. I did try it, and boy was I wiped out after! I could see how much I needed it. It's demanding on the circulatory system, so check with your doctor before you do this if you have any health issues, weak or poor heart circulation.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to connect with their angels, or who want to learn more about them. It is a beautiful affirmation that we are never alone, we are supported and loved always, and we can always connect to them. Thank you Kyle for giving us the tools to do just that.

In Gratitude,

Kerri Mulhern

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