Sunday, February 2, 2014

Love And A Lizard

What do you see when you look at the one you love? Is your attention on what they didn't do, how they didn't say the right thing, or is your focus on who they really are? Do you ever step back and really look at them?

I was coming in the house from food shopping, arms weighed down with too many grocery bags, when I noticed a lizard (well, actually  gecko) on the ground. It was so cold out and rainy. The wind was pounding against me, causing my hair to fly all over the place and stick to my face. I walked into the kitchen, dumped the bags on the counter, and  told my husband about the cute lizard who was blending in so well with the wet sidewalk, that I almost stepped on him.  

Awhile later I went outside to bring out the recycles and the lizard was still there. He was motionless.  I told my husband about him, and he came outside to look.  He thought maybe one of the stray cats in the neighborhood killed him. He reached down and gently picked up his lifeless body.  He brought him inside to our living room and cupped his hands around the tiny creature to warm him.

I was sitting on the couch and looking up at him standing there, caring for this lizard, and I was just in awe of him. Have you had those moments, where you look at someone and you just see such beauty, their true essence? I do believe that the core of all of us is love, and there it was right in front of me to behold.  It was a beautiful moment, and he didn't even realize how beautiful it was because he was just being kind, being himself, and not aware of the magic I was witnessing. I was grateful for that moment, it was spiritual, it was love.  Little by little the lizard came back to life, his cold dark eyes became bright and clear, he became more and more active, all because of a caring soul. 

Those magical moments are happening all the time, but we can get so conditioned to focus on what's wrong, what's missing, that we miss so much of what's right.  What makes you love a person anyway? Is it how often they take out the trash, or is it their loving nature? And how often do we allow ourselves to appreciate our own loving nature?  Do we notice it enough in our children, friends, family, and even strangers?  

Step  by step we can bring more of those moments into our awareness.  Decide to review your day only choosing the kind and loving moments. Journaling is a great way to instill this more positive view, and on those difficult days, it's a positive reminder to look back at and review. Remember the pure joy your child experienced playing with the family dog, the kindness you displayed letting someone squeeze into your lane during rush hour, your husband who sent you an "I love you" text just because, the stranger who said hello while you went on your morning walk. It's happening constantly, but we get wrapped up in stress, work, the cell phone, and the million tasks running through our minds every day.  But how much nicer is life, when our focus is witnessing and participating in being kind, and being loving?

With a little bit of time and practice, the majority of your view towards yourself and others will be of love, because in truth, love is really all there is.

With Gratitude,


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